"CPU Fan Error" but fan is spinning in the computer

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So i just put my computer together and everything the only issue is when i started screen read CPU fan error, and in the bios it doesnt register the cpu fan, however the fan is working fine when I look in the case, I'm using the stock cooler, any ideas on what the issue is

rest of the specs

Mobo: asus p8z77-vk

CPU: Intel Core I5-3570K

GPU: Galaxy Geforce GTX 670

8 gigs ram

thanks everyone

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even though the fan is spinning?

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@deathswind ok so I went back and plugged the cpu fan into the other one and this time when i started the computer no issue, straight to windows, am I safe now?

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Just a "Double Check" question: Did you use the CPU Fan connection for the CPU fan? That connection is variable voltage to control the speed for the fan compared to another that may just be on/off.

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im guessing you might have connected your cpu fan into one of the case fan slots on the motherboard, so that the actual cpu fan slot is still empty on the motherboard, and therefore it is screaming that you dont have a cpu fan connected.

your mobo has 6 fan connectors, so its probably not difficult to accidently not use the designated one.

use the cpu fan one , not the cpu opt.

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@devildoll which one is cpu fan one? sorry I'm retarded

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@itsvash said:

@devildoll which one is cpu fan one? sorry I'm retarded

The one on the right in that photo, haha. See the two sets of fan pins at the top? I've never had a motherboard with two CPU fan headers, but i would guess that that's why you're having an issue. Move the wire to the other set of pins and see what happens.

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@itsvash said:

@devildoll which one is cpu fan one? sorry I'm retarded

yeah like JJWeatherman said.

If you look at the top of the mobo there on the picture, you see two fan connectors, the right one has the text cpu_fan printed just right of it,
While the left one has the text cpu_opt printed left of it. this identifies what connectors are for.

As in, cpu fan, and cpu_optional ( some cpu coolers have two fans )

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