Dead Space 1 Serial Code is improperly configured?

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I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I have been having this annoying problem trying to get Dead Space 1 (PC) to run.

I got the game off of Gamefly because they have a sale on it right now. When I run the DeadSpace.exe it asks for my serial code, I enter it, then it pops up again and asks for it again and I put that code in and it leaves and tells me that the licence is improperly configured. Also, I can also get the damn program to work execute when I use "troubleshoot compatibility" settings. I have made a hole in my firewall for the file but it will not even launch without troubleshoot compatibility. I have Windows 7.

Anyone got any idea what is going on? Thanks.

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Have you tried contacting Gamefly about this problem?

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Yes, I tried doing what they told me to and it was fruitless.

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@Ravenlight: The issue is the same, but the solution won't work since I have a Radeon card. I guess I should just keep checking out the steam forums for posts, thanks though.

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