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Anyone from the US deal with this site before? They have some great deals, but I'm always skeptical when ordering from wholesaler sites. My main issue is Origin. I've had a key get banned on my Origin account after working for months so I don't want to have to buy the same game twice again.

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you should probably contact EA online support and find out exactly why you key got banned.... but I think their fine, I would probably still use origin though, is this for Sim City or something?

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I've not personally used them, but I started hearing about them about 6 months ago on a deals site I go to, people were going crazy buying stuff there until around January, then people started posting about their Steam accounts getting banned; since then people stopped posting deals re that site.

I don't think it's worth it; especially with GMG, Amazon and Steam all having great sales on the regular now.

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A lot of these key sites buy keys on the cheap from certain countries. Origin might not allow certain country keys to work for people in other countries and finally caught up.

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For a second, I thought this was Direct2Drive...

I wouldn't use it. I would just stick with the 1st party front ends like Steam and Origin while checking Amazon every now and then.

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I bought DmC Devil May Cry from them when it was $20 there and so did many others. Still working fine for me. As long as it's a region-free key that doesn't require you to use a VPN to activate, it's as safe as any other online store.

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Search the forums, duder. We've had this thread before.

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D2D is a big legit site, at least it was before.
Being bought by gamefly doesn't exactly make the site more russian though, if you know what I'm saying.

Edit: oh shit, d2p eh? sorry haven't had any experience with them, so i cant comment.

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Only get the region free steam/origin keys. There are some shady items on there like random picture of bioshock infinite pc key on back of copy or something. I got Dead Space 3 from them though and didn't have any issue.

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