do I need to upgrade my GPU?

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I have a ATI 5770. I never thought that it was old until I tried to look it up and found out that you cant even buy one anymore! I always thought that I wold do a crossfire thing at some point but if I cant even get another of the same card whats the point. I can still game at pretty good graphics. I played sleeping dogs and had to turn some of the setting down to make it run smooth but it still looks good.

I was thinking about building a new PC maybe an Intel build this time. since I went all AMD before. what do you guys think?

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I had the 5770 2 years ago man... What's your current cpu?

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I'm running a 5770 at the moment. It still serves me pretty well, but it's kinda also the bottleneck in my system. I guess part of it is you have to weigh up where the console market is at, if it's worth upgrading now while most games are still being made first and foremost for that older console hardware or if you should wait a little bit? Obviously, it's really up to you.

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I have one, and say that the guy is a trooper. But it is starting to show its age - I'd say it'll do you fine till maybe last next year. I know that I have started a fund for a new one, and hope to be able to replace mine about that time.

#5 Posted by Devil240Z (3793 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: I have a AMD Phenom 2 Black edition(3.4ghz)

@rynbeed: yeah thats kind of how I feel. like its still pretty good but I know there is better stuff to be had out there.

Ill probably just leave my PC as is and build a Windows 8 machine with all new hardware.

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I have a 5870 and that's still chugging along, but my monitor is only 1440x900.

You could stretch it out if you play at 720p.

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