First post?

#1 Edited by CrazyWulf (8 posts) -

This doesn't seem right....  Where's the real PC (games) forum?

Edit--   Hmm seems this is the correct forum....   In that case.   WOOOOOOO First post!!!!!!!

Seriously where is everyone?

#2 Posted by Hellbizzle (11 posts) -

Yay PC forum! no one loves the PC anymore? :0

#3 Posted by Agentfred (58 posts) -
Hellbizzle said:
"Yay PC forum! no one loves the PC anymore? :0"
I do...
#4 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

I loveeee the PC my mateys!

#5 Posted by Doofa (23 posts) -

Whoohoo!!  PC love all around!

#6 Posted by darkgoth678 (295 posts) -

PC all the way!!!

well i guess is just us guys...  hi nice to meet all of you =]

hopefully the add sigs soon so we can post our specs!!!
#7 Posted by Locke (330 posts) -

This forum really needs to be easy to access. =/

#8 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

PC Gaming FTW!

Grats on first post =D

#9 Posted by Resonate (172 posts) -
Doofa said:

Whoohoo!!  PC love all around!

#10 Posted by ArcticWolf (14 posts) -

Woot! Im posting in the first PC forum thread ever! This is historic!

#11 Posted by Gunner612 (4338 posts) -

this forum needs to be more lively.

#12 Posted by DazbotAthertron (874 posts) -
Gunner said:
"this forum needs to be more lively.
Is this the real PC forum?
Is so, then i have posted in the 1st PC topic ever on GiantBomb! YAY!
#13 Posted by Gunner612 (4338 posts) -

pfft, i was first on this earth! Do i get a medal?

#14 Posted by Hamz (6846 posts) -

God damn the PC boards are dead, we need to liven the place up!

#15 Posted by Nightkiller93 (174 posts) -

Why no lovez for the PC?? It isn't dead it's just resting.

#16 Posted by Caddy (308 posts) -

I just recently got back into PC gaming so I am here with you guys now, as well as elsewhere :)

I just started playing C&C3 yesterday, finally, and it's so good.

#17 Posted by xXTharosXx (72 posts) -


#18 Posted by MelRliiN (23 posts) -

pc makes me wanna poop my pants it's so good

#19 Posted by and333 (843 posts) -
Locke said:
"This forum really needs to be easy to access. =/"
Its not as if this page is handicapped more then the other systems, you have to do the same for ps3, ps2, xbox, xbo360 and gamecube.
#20 Posted by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

i will forever be a pc gamer WOOT

#21 Posted by biggest_loser (219 posts) -

Ahoy there! Good to see the PC Board is up aye lads?

Is this the Official one though!?


#22 Posted by MelRliiN (23 posts) -

hey biggest_loser, you completely switching to giantbomb from gamespot?

#23 Posted by Swinghi (142 posts) -

I am sure we need to break out this forum so we can show the strength of the platform.  I think one of the big issues is that because PCs have been around so long, the PC gamers are already on so many sites.  Many of the console gamers are younger.

#24 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

PC Games! God how i love the PC!

#25 Posted by sculsoldi3r (1315 posts) -
Cartman said:
"PC Games! God how i love the PC!

me too!!!
#26 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

pc gaming is al right

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