First Time Building a PC - Please Take a Look at My Build

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Hey guys, I decided it's time I build a PC. My brother and I have done some research and this is what we're looking at building. I don't necessarily want to go too over-the-top, but I also want something that's pretty future-proof and packs a punch to play stuff on the high-end. Like I said, it's my first time building a PC, so I'm not all that knowledgeable on compatibility and the like. I would really appreciate some advice on how this build looks based on your experience and whether everything seems like it will play well together.

Hard Drive: Sandisk Extreme 120GB 2.5" SATA III Solid State Drive (SSD) - SDSSDX-120G-G25

Optical Drive: LG WH12LS39 Internal Blu-ray Writer - OEM Pack - BD-R/RE Support - 10x Read/12x Write/2x Rewrite BD

Motherboard: ASUS ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe

CPU: Intel i7-3770K

Graphics Card: GV-N670OC-2GD GeForce GTX 670 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

RAM: Crucial Ballistix 8GB, PC3-10600, DDR3-1333MHz, 140-Pin DIMM, 1.5V, CL9, Non-ECC, Unbuffered

Power Supply: Corsair Professional Series Gold 1200-Watt 80 Plus Gold Certified High-Performance Power Supply - CMPSU-1200AX

CPU Cooler: NZXT RC-HV120-01 120mm HAVIK 120 Dual Fan CPU Cooler

Case: NZXT Phantom 410

Thanks a lot, everyone. I'm looking forward to your input.

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A few things...

  • I think you can safely go down to the Corsair Gold 750w or 850w PSU. An 850 would be enough to handle TWO 670's with no problem. I think you're going the right direction with that awesome PSU, but you can save yourself quite a bit of money and still have more than you need with a less expensive unit.
  • You're going to need more hard drive capacity than that 120gb SSD by itself - look into a WD Caviar Black 1tb or greater for bulk storage of media and games. They're a hundred bucks.
  • If you're buying the CPU cooler for overclocking, why not go all the way and get the Noctua NH-D14? Otherwise why not save money and stick with the stock cooler?
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#3 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

It will cause a nuclear explosion. This is my expert conclusion.

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It looks like you're pulling no punches with your purchase.

For anyone buying an SSD, I have three brands I recommend. Samsung, Crucial, Intel. Other drives may be faster, but the three I listed are tops when it comes to reliability. I'd also recommend a 256 gig SSD. The Crucial M4 256 gig SSD is selling for $199 on Amazon right now. Never defrag your SSD.

You'll also need a slower platter based drive for storage. I recommend the Western Digital Black series. Its fast, has a huge cache, and is priced decently. If you're not going to be launching games off it, a WD Blue will save you a few bucks, but I'd rather have the extra speed. I personally avoid Seagate; they were my drives to go to for a while, but I've soured on them quite a bit over the years. Regardless of which HD you get, set your browser download directory to a folder on this storage drive.

I also recommend you pick up a heat sink. The stock Intel heatsinks will try your patience and your courage. The plastic pin mechanism is the worst and you'll spend more time worrying if the pins are just going to pop out than anything else. Something like the Cooler Master Evo 212. Its not the best, but its also pretty cheap. Being your first PC build, you probably won't be pushing the CPU to 5ghz land, anyways. The mounting plate heatsinks are so much easier to install and you'll never have to worry about them falling off.

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#5 Posted by cannonballBAM (705 posts) -

@THE_Colossal: At least you can run Crysis now.

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#6 Posted by emem (2058 posts) -

It's really interesting to see how many people are building PCs lately. 
@THE_Colossal: Do you two have copies of Windows 7? People tend to forget about that. :) 
I own the same CPU and tested the stock cooler, it's relatively loud and when you overclock the cooling is far from good. So just like the other other guys already wrote... the Noctua NH-D14 is simply amazing and if you buy a cheaper PSU the price should be pretty much the same.

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