Forgotten Realms: Birthright: the Gorgan's Love Affair

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When I was is Jr. High I fell in love with a Forgotten Realms that was a fantastic mix of country building, Strategic battles, and loot hunting / dungeon crawling. I’ve since misplaced my disk and am having a difficult time coming across this. I’m sure this game was a jumbled mess of overlapping gameplay features and that my desire for anything forgotten realms back in the day kept the rose tinted glasses firmly in place.

I plan on replacing the game through ebay regardless of how good the game actually is. I’m also a little disappointed that the game isn’t available through either GOG or Steam (this is probably due the quality of this particular product).

Are there any other fond memories of Birthright: The Gorgon’s Alliance that anyone would want to share or am I to just wallow in my own distorted view of how good a game I had when I was a kid?

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I did watch all of Kikoskia's recent LP of it, and it certainly seems interesting, though it also seems kinda broken. The dungeon segments in particular seemed dire. The reason it's not on any digital distribution platform is because all of the SSI stuff is technically owned by Ubisoft, while the D&D license itself is currently in the hands of Atari.

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