Forza 3 Equivalent for PC?

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Hello everyone - thanks for the replies in advance.  My question is simple.  When my buddy comes over on weekends he'll bring along his Xbox 360 and Forza 3.  Unfortunately, this game is not available on PC.  Are there ANY games that run along the same lines as Forza 3?

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Not exactly that type of game. Your opions are GTR2, ore GTR evolution yet it's more super cars than normal cars. Also need for speed shift. However you have to take away alot of the things that helps you brake and stuff to make it more difficult. I left every setting on auto, they will run you through a test then it will say do you want to keep these settings, don't use any assist and it might be a lesser forza. Maybe I-racing, however you have to pay to play it online.

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yeah I was afraid of that...NFS Shift looks arcade-style a little bit.  I own GRID on PC and it is very arcade-like with all the assists turned off.  Will Shift give me a different experience?

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@rmillz87: Shift is slightly more realistic, just a bit more, yet still sort of arcadish. It gives you more physics at least when you drive, you feel like the car is heavy. However I suggested gtr evolution in the other thread, it's purely a racing sim, not even the slightest bit of arcade gameplay. Actually I think need for speed might of outsourced the series to the same ppl who made gtr evolution, I own gtr2. Let me try to find some screenshots for you to let you see the game and stuff if I can still find it. I don't have it installed.
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@HitmanAgent47: Wow that's really nice of you - don't worry about it if you don't have the time.  If you do find anything though, thanks!  I will download the demo of GTR Evolution tomorrow night when I get home.  Thanks for the suggestion!
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   @rmillz87: I found a few old screenshots. It will give you an idea, i'll post two of the games, they are using the same engine. Normally the engine is full of jaggies, however I discovered if you force anti aliasing with the nvidia control panels, you can really get a nice looking sharp game out of it.  





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@rmillz87: GRID, Dirt or Dirt 2 are good racers. 
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@HitmanAgent47: Wow, very nice...funny you mention forced AA - I was just reading that I can select that in my nVidia Control Panel.
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@rmillz87: Yeah I do that sometimes if a game doesn't have enough anti aliasing and the engine is old like these games. It doesn't work with every game though, however some of the games you could. I found a few screenshots of race07. 
I like how when you max out AA for these sims, it has a hyper realistic look. When you don't, it's all jaggy and last gen looking.  



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@HitmanAgent47: Wow very nice.  I can't wait to check these out!
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@rmillz87:  try liveforspeed its a dowloadable game. great simulation but theres only paint and body customizations no performance modifications or anything. the demo is free to download
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Yeah, not going to be able to get everything going for another couple of days....unfortunately a close friend of mine passed away and I will be out of town.  I will reply soon!

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ePSXe and GT2 helps :S

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rFactor has a ton of cars as user created content, I mean tens of thousands, but it is 5 years old now and it really looks it. 

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Sorry guys, I STILL have not downloaded the demos for these games yet, please bear with me, whoever has contributed game titles - it's been one rough week.

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@HitmanAgent47: hey is gtr evolution the same thing as gtr 2? just wondering looking into these aswell 
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@pwnasaurus: Not the same thing exactly, however it's like a sequel. It's the same engine by the same developer. Look the game is a total sim, it might not be fun for those who likes dirt 2 or grid. If you don't brake correctly you will slide out of the track.
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NFS Shift is actually pretty good, its sort of my replacement for PGR5, really wished they made that instead of Blur :(

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@rmillz87 said:
" Sorry guys, I STILL have not downloaded the demos for these games yet, please bear with me, whoever has contributed game titles - it's been one rough week. "
Actually NFS  Shift was made by the very same developers as the GTR series. It is really quite good and worth picking up. It does not control like GRID where your tires have almost no traction.  Shift has gotten a weird reception.  People expecting another 2 fast 2 furious style street racing game gave it low scores, while people judging it only on its own merits tend to give it very high scores. I have been playing the crap out of shift for the past few weeks with all the assists off except automatic shifting (ironically, given the title).
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@Supermarius: Really now?  That's the answer I was looking for!  I need to complete a few games yet, but that is definitely on my list then.

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