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Hello! I really enjoy playing games. It was something like a hobby up until this year. Now I have a lot of work to do and I'm pretty busy with more important stuff. I also try replacing some game time with more useful things to do. However I don't want to quit gaming and I was wondering if you guys can help me find a game that is not that time consuming. It will be even better if it's not very expensive (free is wonderful :) ) My favorite genre is RPG but I do enjoy almost any kind of games. 
So to sum it up - I would like to find a game that is not very time consuming (You can play it from time to time without losing the thrill), doesn't have very high system requirements (I have an integrated graphics card) and is cheap (or free). If there is an animal like that please help me find it. Thank you in advance!

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Maybe Puzzle Quest?

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I think you might like this game as it's very fun. :)

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You should be able to play Torchlight with an integrated graphics card. 
If you don't want to spend $20, don't pick it up now, but keep tabs on Steam, D2D, Gamersgate, etc as the game seems to go on sale somewhere or another every month or so. Then again, you SHOULD want to pay $20 for this awesome game, so you SHOULD pick it up ASAP.

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Plants Vs Zombies is worth checking out.

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