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I want to buy a new pc, it's for gaming (bf3 and Guild wars 2)

Here is the build

Is it ok? Can I go cheaper without loosing performance or is there something better for the price?


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Looking at the conversion rate of euros to dollars being 1:1.2, that computer looks kind of overpriced.

On that note. I would recommend going for a Caviar black over blue.

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maybe in the USA but here in Belgium these prices are quite good.

Caviar black is more expensive and I don't want spend to much money on my hard disk, is this one (Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003) maybe a better alternative?

and I found this Mobo


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cant go by conversion rate because that same machine only costs about 6-700$ in U.S dollors, so its totally different you cant go by that. My only concern is your PC CASE .... seems a bit small for the rig you have, even though your graphics card is small, if you ever wanted to upgrade later, anything bigger then 8-9 inch graphics card wouldn't fit in that small thing. I'm not an ATI fan myself so dont really know how well that graphics card will perform, but that rig should be enough to do what you wanting to do with it, i can see that rig playing BF3 on high settings, but i doubt you'd be able to pull off Ultra settings unless your gaming at a lower res then 1920x1080.

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Yeah, I'm trying to ignore the price side of things because it's not just conversion that's happening.

You should be able to drop the fan, unless for some dumb reason that case just doesn't go with any, which then I would say you would be better off looking at a different case all together.

I would honestly recommend you spend a little more on the Black drive, the blue's are not intended for gaming as they are designed for family PC's where speed doesn't really matter. You could go with Seagate, but frankly I don't trust their quality anymore, they probably have improved sense then, but PC builders are fickle beasts.

Also, out of curiosity, why not go for something like the Corsair Vengeance ram instead? It's only €4 more, and it's a faster product (if you drop the fan you've already paid for the more expensive ram). Not to mention I'm not fan of the Valuebrand considering what they're charging.

I would take a closer look at parts/price but I have to get ready to go to work like...4 minutes ago. If you still need some help in like, 10 hours time I'll see what I can whip up.

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I agree also on the RAM, didn't bother to check as i thought this might be on a bit of a tight budget, but for only 4 extra euros fuck, yes definitely get branded ram like corsair vengence or gskil or something rather then what you got right now. Im currently using 3 seagate drives right now and all have been great for me, 2 are about 3 yrs old, 1 is about 2 yrs old, think their pretty reliable, but also agree if you can, get standard 7200RPM drives like seagate, western digital or hitachi, because blue and green drives are seriously ment for 1 use, and thats storage...

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Thanks for the replies

I dropped the fan and will put corsair Vangeance into it.

For the case, I can't really find a better case for the same price range.

For the Hard drive you recommend WD Caviar Black right?

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