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Has anyone bought, or looked into buying a gaming computer off eBay? I'm going to start looking into it and was wondering if anyone has already taken this route.

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Most likely they're legit, but I would be a bit worried about dealing with warranties through them.

Obviously I would recommend you just build your own as long as you feel confident in doing so (I built my first PC at the age of 13, just had to keep what felt like a gazillion wires labeled), it's honestly not too hard, just got to take your time and do some research into well received parts.

If that is not an option, I would say go with a PC shops that do their own builds. For example, NCIX sells a few options that they build and test themselves, and if I remember correctly they deal with all issues with warranties.

This of course leaves the option of gaming PC sites, Alienware, ibuypower, etc. They might not be cheap, but they can do the job if money isn't a concern.


Another option is see if any of your good friends are PC geeks, I know in my case I'm more then willing to help a good friend design and build a PC for nothing more then the cost of the parts and beer to keep me going!

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Of all the things I can buy online, buying a PC on ebay is not on my list. Stick to buying parts off newegg, ncix or similar sites. 

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Danger Will Robinson!
Warranty is the main thing you usually want with electrical goods, due to their often random failure rate. 2nd hand and the potentially problematic state of Ebay and the race to the bottom there for 'new' goods make that risky. You also see a lot of bad deals masked by incomplete descriptions. It's a buyer beware minefield and I don't think 2nd hand prices justify the risk. What budget are you looking at?

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Don't do it.

@CaptainTryHard: REPEAT. DON'T DO IT. It's not worth the little money you can save.

If you want to keep things to a good price, go to newegg and tigerdirect to find the best prices and use the video that shows how to build a PC (I'll get the link soon). And if you need help picking parts, ask for help here or on tested. Hell, feel free to PM me or tag me in the forum thread you make and I can contribute some advice, having had to work on a budget.

EDIT: Here's the video: You can ignore the specs and stuff, all of that you need is the how to put things together.

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I bought one off ebay. I got caught up in moment. Thought I got a deal. Saw an even better computer sell for half the price than the one i bought. And guess what? It crapped out after 3 months.

Power Unite literally went up in smoke.

If you are in the uk. I couldn't praise this website anymore than Is possible. Me and all my friends will only ever buy from them as-well. Prices are good.

They are the only people I would ever deal with in getting a new PC. I current rig was hand picked by me, they assembled it. Then ran it through rigorous quality tests. Including having it on for 48hrs straight in a hot room. It at first didnt pass. So they then started from scratch and built it anew.

Even if you are not in the UK. Browse around and find someone like this. If you are not at all confident in building your own comp.

I know I could, however I wouldn't get the top experts to make sure everything is compatible and works perfectly, aswell as it wont crap out on me, due to luck of the draw of a faulty component within the first few months.

Also i have two cats and not much room to undergo a delicate process like installing to a motherboard.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

If you want to keep things to a good price, go to newegg and tigerdirect to find the best prices and use the video that shows how to build a PC (I'll get the link soon).

Right, I'm thinking about building a PC, but newegg does not ship overseas. I know where to get PC parts, but I'm looking for online bargains and that sort of deal. Do you have any tips?

@llamaegg: Or you maybe?

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Don't be too worried. Five years ago I bought a computer off ebay for $1200 that lasted me all the way up until a few months ago playing a majority of games on high settings with no problems including Starcraft 2 and Portal 2. The Witcher 2 was the first game with any notable framerate drops from time to time but probably would have been fine if I was willing to drop the resolution or switch to medium settings.

That said, the warranty thing is definitely a concern. I was lucky and had no hardware problems of any kind but that's never going to be a sure thing. Also it's gotten so incredibly easy to build a PC nowadays that you might as well spend the extra few hours to get the gear yourself and slap it together.

Oh also the guy I bought my PC from promised lifetime tech support so there is that, but I can't speak to the veracity of his offer since I never took him up on it.

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@Snail: Define overseas.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

@Snail: Define overseas.

Portugal. Right below the UK.

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@Akyho: That site sounds really good! Do you know if they have the same type of deal with U.S. customers?

@llamaegg: Unfortunately all of my friends are completely clueless when it comes to computers.

@Shivoa: My budget is actually unknown as of right now because I am currently on the lookout for a car.

A little more info if anyone is actually interested in helping me with this mess..

- I play a majority of my games on my 360 because..

- My current "gaming rigg" is a late 2009 Macbook with an integrated video card

- The only games I'm looking to be able to handle as of now are Battlefield 3 and Guild Wars 2

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@CaptainTryHard said:

@Akyho: That site sounds really good! Do you know if they have the same type of deal with U.S. customers?

Sadly no. However they have a great set up that allows you to customize a computer and have the email sent to you with all the specs. Even with you are not going to buy from them. The set up will even tell you if you dont have enough power to run everything.

So if anything it will be a good thing to help along in custom building it yourself.

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Check out the US version of NCIX, I think they do the same thing that the Canadian side does, and sounds sort'a like what that UK site does. If you pick out what parts you want, they'll assemble, test and send it to you, I checked for a friend once and I think it was only like $50CAD for them to do so. If you're willing to go in head first and build your own (don't blame me if you become addicted to it), I'm guessing you'll be looking at a price point around $1,200 - $1,500, depending on luxuries and what you already own of course.

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Ebay is great until that one time you get (or almost get in my case) ripped off and then you never use it for large purchases ever again.

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