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#1 Posted by MAST (890 posts) -

Hello fellow Bombers,

I am looking to get myself a really nice gaming laptop. The one I am looking at is:

I am spoiled on having an SSD in my desktop so having that is very important to me. Plus this laptop has loads of ram, a large screen and a very current graphics card. If anyone has any suggestions on a better gaming laptop in this price range please comment. Also, if anyone has this laptop and has any info on how it runs please comment that as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks much

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Save or check out these

Or this one with a higher res screen

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#3 Posted by Ben_H (3837 posts) -

Does it have to be a laptop? If it doesn't have to be, don't.

Remember the old adage: Good. Gaming. Laptop. Pick 2.

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#4 Posted by Anund (1142 posts) -

What Ben_H said... don't get a laptop unless it HAS to be a laptop.

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#5 Posted by MAST (890 posts) -

@ben_h: @anund: It does have to be a laptop. I don't have room for another desktop computer.

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#6 Posted by Thedrbrian (68 posts) -

why do you need another computer to sit next to a gaming PC?

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#7 Posted by MAST (890 posts) -

One spouse uses Desktop computer and the other needs a good gaming laptop.

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#8 Posted by MAST (890 posts) -

Anyone have any experience with MSI gaming laptops at all?

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#9 Edited by wastedcolumbo (78 posts) -

I've had a gx660 for the past 4 years and I am still super impressed by it, the build quality is rock solid and the cooling is fantastic (but if you use the turbo fan boost button it's fantastically loud). The only downside is, as expected of a gaming laptop the battery is toilet.

Oh yeah and the speakers are some of the best I have ever heard from a laptop.

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#10 Edited by Zella (1205 posts) -

I don't have an MSI gaming laptop but I do have an Acer one. I am pretty happy with it, tends to be able to run most modern stuff using at least medium settings without getting insanely hot (still pretty damn hot but nothing too bad). Yeah as with every gaming laptop if put in performance mode I get like 2 hours out of the battery but I keep it plugged in whenever doing any gaming. I think gaming laptops get a bad rep. Yeah they are much more expensive than a desktop and often less powerful but the portability and versatility can really be great. I solely use a gaming laptop as my main computer, do most gaming on console I don't need a crazy powerful PC, and it has been great to be able to essentially take my desk with me to school or on trips.

So yeah I would say as long as you are going in with realistic expectations and know what you are getting for your money a gaming laptop can work just fine.

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I bought the alienware 17, its unbelievably fantastic. Never over heats, and the graphics are great with the 780m. The best upshot though is i will be able to add a better video card later on if i feel the need. Screen is beautiful too. got it refurbished on ebay for less than the price of an alienware 17 with a 770m card on the dell store. Refurbished turned out to mean the it was returned unopened to dell.

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#12 Posted by Nightriff (6875 posts) -

I bought myself a Asus ROG recently and love it, I would recommend it for those looking at a gaming laptop

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#13 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (5335 posts) -

I have two words to say....eight pounds!

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Could you maybe build a small ITX computer instead of getting a laptop?

You're paying a huge premium for a gaming laptop that's going to spit out crazy amounts of heat. You're also paying a huge premium for a computer that you really won't be able to do much, upgrade wise.

That GPU is about on par with a nVidia 760 or AMD 7950. My 7950 is overclocked heavily, and on the highest settings on a 1920x1200 monitor, it's giving me the "I want to upgrade" feeling. The 1080p display will help keep your graphics settings in check. But, if you're looking to run your games at the highest of high settings, you're not going to be able to do that for a long time on that GPU.

A buddy of mine bought one of the Asus Lamborghini laptops a while back. It was heavy and super loud when we'd game. But other than that, he used it daily and it's still kicking, he loved that thing.

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