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Hey guys, I'm awful at navigating forums (so if this is a thread elsewhere please direct me to it) but I was wondering if anybody from the GB community was interested in playing some League of Legends (or if you've all moved on to Dota 2). I'm a lvl 19 with something like 65 wins I'm not great but I know what I'm doing. I'm posting this because I'm sick of randoms yelling at everyone else for feeding and not playing as a team. So I think if we got some people from the community playing together it could be fun. I'm on League most nights feel free to send me a friend request summoner name is cheishxc.

Later duders.

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@cheishxc: every item on giantbomb has it own forum.

so for example, there is a forum for the uncharted franchise, one forum for uncharted one, and even one forum that is purely about nathan drake.

Same goes for League of legends , here just search for league of legends, in the search bar up on the site so that you get to the game page, once you are on the league of legends page, just hit the forums tab on that page, ( not to be confused with the general forums tab ontop of the site )

if you want to hook up on some league of legends, that's the best place to do it.

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