GeForce GT 240

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Hey duders, im looking for new video card for my pc , i currently own the GT 240 pretty good card if you ask me, but the lack of a HDMI is kinda of a problem for me now.

so if you guys can recommend a card for a 350w, pci 16 i would appreciated.

Any tip or input is appreciated.

Update: Guys im oficially a dumbass, it turns out my video card is a Geforce GTS 240 not a GT 240

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I can't think of any cards worth upgrading to that you could run with that PSU. That being said...the GT 240 that I know has HDMI...

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Get a new power supply. Something around 650w minimum that's of good quality (Seasonic, Cooler Master, Corsair, Thermaltake, ect..) and then get a good card. Probably something like a GTX660ti or similar.

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Uhhh. I am gonna guess that you should probably just start over again and get a new PC. Any CPU that would work with the GT 240 would probably not do you any favors when going to a newer card of today. And that Power supply would just make things really janky.

And Don Ramon is the shit.

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as the above statement suggested, i think you might actually be better off just buying a new machine, 350WATT is extremly low power, especially when your wanting a card that can properly do HDMI... but having said that, the GT 240 DOES have an HDMI port on the back...

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Don't get a CoolerMaster, rather stick with Corsair, Antecs, etc. Have heard a lot of negative things about CoolerMaster in general, and even though Antec had a few problems with certain models a few years ago, they are still one of the more reliable brands. I have been using an Antec 620 and it has been excellent for me.

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@VACkillers@MB. Thanks for replying. To my question. Well my Pc is dell studio 8000...I know, and mine does not have a hdmi.

Building a new Pc.... man I don't know I can install everything but the processor
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ok, well if you are serious about buying a new computer, and you dont know how or dont want to build it from the ground up, i would suggest going over to CYBERPOWERPC or iBUYPOWER for a GOOD and actually FAIR price for a pre-built machine.. cyberpower was where i personally got my first machine from when i moved over to the states, i would highly reccomend them as a retailer... ibuypower are basically the same company i believe with some differences...

and your welcome on the advice, there are plenty people here to help you, if you are brave enough to go ahead and build it yourself.. and i can give you msn if you need me for anything further... just let me know...

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Thanks everybody, i think the best course of action is to build a new pc, it will take time but it will get done.

Do you guys think the video of jeff and the tested guys buidling his pc is a good guide or there are better source of info?

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That one with Jeff that your talking about is a good video to go by, but there are plenty of PC building videos on youtube, tons in fact, all are usefull :D

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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