Giant Bomb Race Team - Show off your racing rig!

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I thought it might be interesting to see what sort of racing setups are being run in GB Race Team!

(And also to add that we need a GB Race Team T-Shirt)

Anyway - I'll get the ball rolling:

I am running a self-built PC as follows:

Intel I5 3570k (running @ 4.2 w/ hyper212 evo cooler)

Gigabyte / Nvidia Geforce 2 GB GTX 660 Windforce OC edition (running about 20% OC)

8GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM

1 TB WD HDD / 128 GB Sandisk Extreme SSD

750W PSU and about 6 case fans (i like to err on the side of caution).

I have that attached to a 50" 1080p LG plasma (it is 4-4-4 chroma) and an LG soundbar.

For control, i have the Logitech G27 Wheel / Pedals / Shifter attached to a collapsible Wheel Stand Pro, and i sit on an Ikea Chair (which is actually very good for this!)

I used to play a ton of Forza2/3/4 on 360 with the Microsoft Force Feedback wheel, but since i built my rig and got the G27, I've been mostly playing Race 07 (and the 600 other simbin 'versions' of that game), Shift 2, Formula Truck, F1 2012, a crazy amount of Euro Truck Simulator 2, a bit of BeamNG: Drive, about 4 minutes of Farming Simulator 2012 (and you could argue that was 4 minutes too much) and very rarely, GT5 on PS3 (i sincerely hope that GT6 is a dramatic improvement over 5, as for me Forza 4 is leagues ahead of it and as someone who has enjoyed all the previous versions of GT, that was very disappointing).

In the near future i'm very much looking forward to Project CARS (as it's unlikely i'll be getting either next gen system any time soon) - and hope that it can build on what they did in shift 2 and TD Ferrari.

Anyway, that's my racing rig and what i use it for - Anyone else from GB Race Team? :)

As a final note, here is a vid of my brother racing/crashing on my rig when he came over for a go recently!

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Your brother gearshifts really violently!

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Haha yeah, he does drag racing irl, think he's just used to slamming gears (and not making turns, lol)!

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@spud693: like real drag racers or street cars? Those real drag racers with the huge tires in the back and the jet engine look insane.

#5 Posted by spud693 (16 posts) -

Modified street legal cars. can make them pretty quick, but they must still be street legal.

They often run the top fuel dragsters etc at these events, and those things are CRAZY, may as well just strap themselves to the front of a missile!

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I moved to an apartment and there is no room for even a wheelstand, i threw my away and put the G25 back in the box :(

Hoping to find a solution before GT6 comes out, iRacing is too much of a commitment for me right now :(

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Honestly have to say watching Drew play all these sims, especially racing has me interested. Ive been looking at wheels and stands, but dont know if i will ever pull the trigger.

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@jayjonesjunior Tough break that, since I got the wheelstand I just can't play any reasonably serious racing game without it!

and @me3639 if you are uncertain, It's certainly best to try one out (preferably if you know someone who has such a setup) as it's fair to say that some people just don't care for the added realism and a decent setup can cost a decent amount. I do however highly recommend the Logitech G27 and Wheelstand pro ( - the G27 is what Drew and GB use, and the wheelstand gives such an improved experience, and the ability to collapse it down and store it in a cupboard out the way is very useful for anyone playing in the living room.

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Here's a picture of my dirty desk. (I think I need a new mouse pad)

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Another in team G27. Im happy with mine, but gave a lot of thought to paying the extra £100 for a fanatec csr / h shifter. ended up not bothering, heard the difference wasn't that significant anyhow.

Anyone who's got the CSR for comparison?

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