HDMI splitter and cable length question.

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I come here, not asking if this can be done, but merely asking for recommendations on the equipment to use. I'm planning on hooking an HDMI splitter to my PC and running a 25-50 foot HDMI cable to my big screen to play my Steam games. I've looked on a few sites, but from what I've seen most splitters only have high reviews if they have a power source. I wasn't looking for anything high tech or anything, just a simple splitter to transfer one source to two screens. Anyone know of an easy to use, simple splitter?

I also wanted to ask. Is there any real difference on length of cables...besides the actual length of cable?

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I can't answer your first question. But to your second question, no, not really, no.

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Based on what little knowledge I have, as long as all you want to do is display the same thing on two screens, you shouldn't need anything more fancy than an adapter with two outputs. Don't take that as the absolute truth, though. It's been awhile since I've messed with that sort of thing.

Regarding, your second question, once you start pushing 50 feet, HDMI cables get wonky because of signal attenuation but that's more of an edge case than anything else. But you're not actually gaining anything when you spend $60 on a Monster cable from BestBuy. You can get the same performance from $2 cable off of monoprice.com

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@Ravenlight: Yeah, that's really all I wanted to do was have my big screen display the same as my PC monitor to play Steam games. My problem is, every splitter I've seen that doesn't require additional power all have low ratings from other consumers. I was really hoping someone with a setup already in place could give me advice on what they knew worked. It isn't a lot of money, but with my luck in the last few months I just don't want to take the chance.

I'll end up measuring the distance with a tape measure, and hope a 25ft cable will be enough, if not I'll go with the 50ft and have my fingers crossed that I don't notice anything while playing, or hope someone carries cables slightly longer than 25ft. And about the Monster cable comment. Yeah, I already know. I can never understand why people buy those overpriced cables when the cheaper ones are just as good, of course that's merely just my opinion.

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There are companies that make long runner HDMI cables. I would recommend checking KVMSwitchTech. I have used their HDMI cables in the past and they work great.

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