Help me determine if my copy of Batman Arkham Asylum is fake

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so I ordered a copy of Arkham Asylum and it came with a cover that looks legit and a disc that looks legit too. The case doesn't look like a typical video game case and is very flimsy. So I thought maybe the earlier case broke, but then I go online to see images of the disc and all the discs online have the Games For Windows Live statement and logo on them. Mine DOES NOT.

So im beginning to think that maybe mine is a bootleg copy. The cover does have the games for windows live header on the top. It is also a EU version of the game.

Can anyone let me know if they have a disc of this game without the GFWL statement and symbol? Thanks

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If it registers on GFWL it's real, simple as that.

Doesn't matter what the case look like.

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the thing is, i already have the game installed on steam from a previous sale and bought the disc version cos i like to own physical copies of games.

Is there any other way to check other than uninstalling that version and installing this one?

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Can you post a pic of the Disc and Box? It will help.

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When you start it up, does it say "Batguy: Arkman Aslalom"? And is it a 2D sidescroller? Subtle clues like this are usually how you can tell.

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@katanalauncher said:

If it registers on GFWL it's real, simple as that.

Doesn't matter what the case look like.

Exactly what katana said.

It is entirely possible, however, that if you purchased this second hand that the product key has already been activated with Games for Windows Live...

Personally when I purchase my games (second hand) for my collection I make sure that they're in the original box, with all manuals and that the disc is not scratched...

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It looks legit but it is probably AU version or something similar. the 16 and up is the hint I would work off of.

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It's not an Australian version Berserk... at least the dust cover is not. The cover is from the Europe. Australian rating stickers are a rectangular object with the corners rounded and they come in different colours depending on the rating...

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If the cd is written with a sharpie or you bought it from a seller that operates in China.

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Doesn't Arkham Asylum have a tutorial that can't be completed if it's pirated?

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It's legit. I have the same looking case, disc and the code registered fine on GFWL. It's an EU copy. I bought from EB Games Australia strangley enough. Why they would have EU imports? I have no idea.

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Thanks for the confirmation Vextroid.

Thanks everyone for helping me out. I can rest easy now.

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Well it's the best looking bootleg I've ever seen.Hey there is a easy way to check ,

does the graphic on the top of the disc peel off if it is textured or really thin it's not fake ,

can you see a hologram thing or barcode in of the centre on the bottom of the disc if you can see these it's not fake .

and if the bottom of the disc a weird colour it's fake .

I hope this helps man .

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