Help with BootCamp please :'(

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Hello, this is Nukacherry.

Hi guys. I've been trying to install Windows 7 on my Mac and I'm having issues. Because I have an Air I have to install from a USB which I can do, but every time I try it says it has to be installed from a USB formatted in NTFS. I have formatted the USB using Tuxera as NTFS but this doesn't seem to have worked. I have Windows 7 32-bit on the USB and have tried multiple times with BootCamp Assistant but I get this same issue. Any Mac/USB experts out there who can help me with this issue? I just wanna play PC games on my Mac! I can provide more info if needed.


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@Nukacherry: I'm moving this to PC. Also, as a general tip for the forums, you don't need to introduce yourself and sign off with every post...we see your username and know who are.

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@MB: Ok thankyou. And I just always have done it - signing off and everything. I'll stop if you'd like me to?

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I think you'll want to use disk utilities to create the image onto the USB.

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You don't have it in the right format.

Are you sure the windows 7 install program is in an ISO?

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