Help with buying a non-gaming PC

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I'm trying to by my mom a PC in the 400-500 dollar range (before shipping, tax).

She basically only uses a computer for internet, netflix, and other non intensive purposes. I am looking for a laptop with a disc drive, she is also very okay with Windows 8. She has seen and used it a bit on my PC and I will be here to help her with any potential issues she might have with the learning curve.
This is sort of laptop I'm looking at, but I am trying to get the best for the price. THAT is something I am admittedly poor at, I usually end up buying the first 'good' deal I see without shopping around.

Anyways any and all help and suggestions are greatly appreciated,

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That seems fine, there isn't going to be a whole lot of difference between brands or anything at that price range.

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I'm not really familiar with laptops but a good trick I use when buying stuff from the Internet is to look for items with the most reviews with an overall positive score.

Another thing to think about: Would a full-on tablet work for your mom? She could likely do all of the tasks you listed on a tablet and you said she's already familiar with Windows 8.

Hope this helps in some way!

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Thanks for the replies!

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If it's not urgent, check out Amazon / Newegg deals. Something's bound to turn up that's decent. Also, always check reviews just in case.

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if it's not urgent, and if you're in the states, check big box retailers on 4th of july weekend or right after school starts back up in the fall. they'll be clearing house

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