How big is your steam library?

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@warxsnake: Around 70 games and I have only beat Half Life 2, Half Life 2 episode 1, and the Tales of Monkey Island episodes. Thinking about the money I spent on there makes me sad and I am still going out and buying new console games. I need to start knocking out the games in library.
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78.  And I now refuse to buy a PC game at brick and mortar.  If it ain't on Steam or Impulse I'm not getting it.  Or the Blizzard store I guess. (looking at you Starcraft 2)

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138 games, including whatever steam counts as my games like the free ones

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125. i've probably beaten 5% of those. 
fucking Steam sales man

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96 games apparently
Worst purchase for the money: Star Trek Online ($60, ugh)

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111 Nice number :)
I bought most games when they were "cheap". Hardly buy games for full price (cause most of the times the stores are 10,- cheaper).

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My library is bigger than my Steam library sadly.  Gog has 4 games, Steam has 3.  My computer sucks.   Hell even the last game I bought can't run on my system. 

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Not including all the Valve stuff, and I mean I have it all, like 6 games.  I am not a huge fan of digital distribution, mostly because of DRM issues and having to make sure you are online.  And for those 6 games I have bought, they were all Steam deals.  I didn't buy one at full price.

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Just Tochlight, and I wouldn't even have that if it weren't on sale for $5 back in December.

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I've got a whopping 9 games on Steam, excluding demos.  I buy games that are on super-sales that I've been thinking I wanted to buy anyway, or games that manage to be cheap without being on sale.  I think I originally installed it with Portal, and my first purchase was Peggle after I saw it was the cheapest way to get the game after I saw a friend playing it (it looked fun -- and it's pretty fun for something so simple).  

From there, the Steam sales sometimes catch my eye, or I'll find a demo that's so fun I keep going back to it until I decide to just buy the darned game.

I'm not very comfortable with "Digital Distribution".  I don't like using my credit cards online, and I dislike any service that I feel could potentially sever me from my games.  If I spend good money on my game, I don't think anyone should be able to take it away from me (disallowing me from using a public multiplayer feature is a little different than disallowing me to play at all).  I'm uncomfortable with the prospect of somehow being banned.

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Eh, I don't have that much on Steam. 
I'd say I have around or slightly over 20 full games on it... 
The vast majority of my steam catalog is a few demos and TONS of single-player half-life 2 mods my brother has downloaded.

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I only have 29 games, Portal from when it was free that one time, and the QuakeCon pack

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17? I really don't spend much time on Steam honestly. Plus until recently, I couldn't run too much on my PC, so my options were really limited.

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KOTOR and Deus Ex. REALLLLLLY thinking hard about Civ 4.....

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@Bowlisimo said:
"96 games apparently  Worst purchase for the money: Star Trek Online ($60, ugh) "

I bought APB, atleast STO still has hope. ;)
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I have 30 games now. Here is a screenshot I took the other day for something else.

My Steam games
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50. I thought I had more. But like many others in this thread I mainly buy of those crazy sales.

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I have about 30 games I think...not very sure. The reason I buy games on steam is because of those deals! They are evil!
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45. My most recent purchase was Fallout 3: GOTY, just for the DLC.

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@MrKlorox said:
" 124 according to my community page. I love it. Steam is solely responsible for my current PC gaming habits.  Not sure why my Civ 4 and expansions show up twice. I hope I didn't buy that pack twice... (edit: one is and the other is that forwards to 3900. weird.) "
Mine is 113 (counting the Civ clones. whatever that is. 
Also, yes, if it was not for Blizzard games or Steam (or Impulse for Sins of a Solar Empire) I wouldn't play a damn thing on my PC. Steam is totally awesome. In a device that has virtually unlimited space (I can add another hard drive super easy) digital distribution makes all the sense in the world. On my xbox, PS3, or PSP or whatever, I don't like it as much since I would have to delete stuff at some point. Steam also makes it super easy to get games back if you delete them. Unlike other services.
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55. I only buy them when they're on sale :P

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Steam Community says 135, though I noticed some doubles because of Steam Play. Maybe 125?

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104 baybee.

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Yeesh, I thought I had a ton.
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I think i have around 15 all of them have been bought off sales which they seem to have a lot of.
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80! I wish every form of Digital Distribution was like steam, its convenient, has great sales, and having everything tied to your account is excellent.  

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166 currently, probably will be more by next weekend after another crazy sale.

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50 something

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97. The funny thing is that I hate PC gaming (with a few exceptions, WoW and Starcraft being the biggest of them).

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I have 50 games on Steam, according to my profile. I have more PC games that are disc or download from other locations that aren't recognized by Steam as owned. Like World of Goo <3

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73, not much.

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LIke 4. And Im not even sure they work on mac.

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I still prefer buying boxed games, but Steam sales are irresistible. I have 6.

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Only been using steam for a couple months, other than borrowing accounts for Half-Life and stuff. But due to sales, I already have a couple dozen games. Like... 4 of which I ever really play.

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@Noodles said:
"97. The funny thing is that I hate PC gaming (with a few exceptions, WoW and Starcraft being the biggest of them)."

So what happened?
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saw an earlier post do this so i thought i'd do it too.

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I have 42 games on Steam. Last one I bought was Singularity.

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82, but I have a lot of PC games that I wish I had bought through Steam...

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17 games at the moment. Usually I get retail games and some of them like unreal tournament 3 and Warhammer: Dawn of War 2 can also be added to my steam games. Steam's a good service though so I'll definately be buying more steam games.
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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" None.  Boxed games ftw! "
That's fine and all, if you have the shelfspace for it(especially those xbox-huge old games), but if you're like me and don't care to be a packrat(let's face it, you crack your game and put the disc away somewhere) 
it doesn't matter
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For me it has collector value, it's part of being a gamer for me.
But I can understand your viewpoint!.
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I swear we had 3 topics exactly like this over the past couple months... but I have 177 Steam games.

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372 games in my library, but only 73 of them Steam Games

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and about 12 from

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Closing in on 300 games redeemed through Steam.

I run about 100 non-Steam games through Steam on top of that.

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