How big is your steam library?

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152 games.
Just as an aside, has anyone used the 'Enhanced Steam' Chrome add-on that tells you how much you've spent on Steam on the website? It's...eye-opening.

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Holy Shiznet! A three year old thread that's been brought back from the depths. I bet all of the people who commented on this thread has hundreds of steam games by now. As for me I only have about 5 or 6 because there free, and I don't use steam often. My computer isn't the best for gaming, and since I'm not in a good financial situation I can't improve it.

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330. I uninstalled about 20 games yesterday and now only have 13 games installed out of that 330.

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177 and growing steadily.

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174. I've decided enough is enough and going to try work through all of them. I've got so many games in sales and just never played them or installed them and played roughly 4 minutes. I've uninstalled all of them and now I'm re-installing them 2 at a time and working through them that way. Thoroughly enjoying it as well!

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115 and counting.

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I have about 200 games in my Steam library. My eyes would probably pop out of my head if I saw how much I've spent on all of them combined.

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202.... 135 installed. Had to buy an external to start trying to install them all. Still a work in progress, dont want my ISP to get pissed at me so im spreading it out.

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This insert tweet stuff is nifty, isn't it?

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Pushing 200

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469 Games Owned, 226 DLC Owned.

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114 contains good amount of "episodes" and expansions. Most got from Humble Bundles, Civ 5 is the only one I have paid full price for.

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874... I joined steam in late 2009 :S

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166 games. Woo...

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67... the sales are getting to me.

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From 3 years ago:

@hamst3r said:
267 games on Steam according to the community page.


478 games according to the community page.

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158, a good chunk of that was from a couple of large developer bundles I got for super cheap though.

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I got 13. I am not a steam warrior like the rest of ya'll.

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I got 13. I am not a steam warrior like the rest of ya'll.

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Why don't you just ask the real question? How big is our dick.

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66 games thanks to humblebundle and the summer sale. Before this year only had 4.

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My steam page says 128 but that include dlc, add-ons, demos, free games so I think it would be just around 100.

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My profile says 218, but that can't be right...

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307 games, a-round ;)

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i have 159 games but thats not counting the keys i haven't redeemed yet. probably closer to 200. i bought my first game last summer. i think its great. even though its digital, i feel like i own these forever and can always access them UNLIKE xbox and ps digital purchases.

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414 and climbing. Never paid full price for a AAA title though. Gotta stop going after these damn bundles. I'll never be able to play them all, and should just stop throwing money away.

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I've only got 57 games, of which I probably only play 5 to 10 of them regularly..

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Close to 600.

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I don't know which is more shameful. The number of games I'll never play or the amount of DLC I've bought for games I'll never play.

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I love it. Steam is solely responsible for my current PC gaming habits.

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I have 23 games in my library, but only 9 are purchased; the others are free. From those 9 that I purchased, 4 of them were part of a LucasArts classics pack that was like $5.

My rule is that a game should be $5 and less for a purchase on Steam. Though once I did spend $10 for Killing Floor because I thought it seemed good, boy was I wrong. It's a dumb grinding game where the developers have just abandoned it. Out of my few purchases, the Killing Floor purchase was the worst; a pathetic game and purchase, I remind myself of it so I don't make the same mistake again.

Why? Because with Steam you can't sell the game, you can't get rid of it for some money back. That's the worst part about Steam.

It's stupid... game companies have DRM that says you can install it on up to 3 computers (or some other number) ... but how can you do it with Steam? It's tied to your account? So it's stupid. You're going to share your password? Steam locks games to single users, you can't share or trade or even sell....... Steam is very restrictive in this way and I can't support them with higher priced purchases. I might as well walk down the street in search of a poor man selling bootleg games than to purchase an extremely restrictive product from Steam.

Are you smoking rocks dude?

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I'm currently sitting at 75 games with one of them being free.

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Dude.. I have 398 games and felt pretty bad about it. You have fixed this. Thank you.

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This thread makes me feel better about my 370. Thanks y'all

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It's not the size it's how you use it.

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Please tell me that's not a real badge.

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According to my profile... 741 Games.

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only 77 :P

I only have 18 games in my Steam library, sadly I can only keep a certain number on my machine at any one time.

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i have like.. six games


Seriously though, they're a gift and a curse. It's a cliche now to say "I have a billion games I'll never play!" I myself am trying to limit my purchases and actually play the damn games I bought. I'm sitting pretty at 270, with 100 installed (and like 10 played...). Funny thing is, I started purchasing years ago, before I had a PC to play them, counting on the time when I could. Now that I can, I'm spending most of my time playing Hotline Miami for better scores. But yeah, I'm on a mission to actually experience what I have. I'm not keen on spending 60 bucks on games, so I'm like a year behind everyone else, which allows me to dig into said backlog.

I will, however, keep up with the people on Walking Dead season 2. I just played through it, and am sad to have missed it when it was abuzz - seems like a great experience to share with people on the forums, and know what the hell the GB crew was talking about on the podcasts. Just went back and listened to the GOTY day two "Best Episode of the Year" part. Sad it was so short.

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