how doe this look?

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I'm trying to put together a PC for under 1800$. I'm also interested in possibly liquid cooling i just know very little about it. How often would a liquid cooler need cleaning and refilling?

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@MrT: You're probably not going to get many responses if you don't post the specs, people are hesitant to click through a link.

With that said I did and the build seems like overkill unless you plan to do some other work besides gaming, video editing, music making, etc. You should be able to get an awesome PC that last two years for $1200. I would take that extra money and buy and awesome monitor or TV.

I really recommend the below link which helps you sort out build of different budgets.

My quick comments would be:

1. That is a crazy expensive case. I have a Bitfenix Shinobi, it cost $40, has a window, looks cool, and is absolutely silent.

2. Maybe go with cheaper RAM, I use the Corsair XMS3 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1333 It was sub $40, runs fine.

3. Can't speak to the reliability of Seagate HDDs but I would do some research about this and make sure you get something reliable. I have a WD Black Caviar. Check and

4. The i7 seems like overkill, maybe save yourself some money and get an i5-3570k. Its a full $100 cheaper and can be overclocked. I run Far Cry 3 on max settings with no problem.

5. You also have the wrong Windows 8 version, you need the System Builders OEM.

edit: Can't speak to liquid cooling. I use the stock Intel cooler since I don't overclock. Runs fine and silent which is very important to me.

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IMO, unless you absolutely need to have a zero-noise setup, liquid cooling is not worth it. It's a lot more expensive than a good aftermarket fan (the Hyper 212+ is a well-loved classic) and requieres a lot more maintenance. Even if you plan on doing some OCing you probably won't need so much cooling. I have an i5 2500K at 4.3GHz on a Hyper 212+ and it never goes above 55Cº at full load. That's an amazing temperature for ~$20.

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