How is this for a PC build?

#1 Posted by H_U_R_D (45 posts) -

going to get two of the WD hd's, and RAID 'em, also going to get a couple more case fans, maybe three or four. planned on using this PC to run games I cant get on consoles or more specifically, games optimized for PC(Battlefield, Rage, Witcher, etc.) and multitasking. probably going to get windows 7 and just wait for SP2 than get Windows 8 in the fall.

let me know what ya think

#2 Posted by LassieME (234 posts) -

That PC is going to be awesome for gaming. Nothing to add really.

#3 Posted by SomeJerk (3449 posts) -

Get a decently large SSD for OS+software+games and a terabyte++ drive for swapfile/storage/archival/things that don't benefit from SSD speeds.

#4 Posted by Ghost_Cat (1482 posts) -

I think that case is ugly, and I think you can knock the PSU down fifty watts, but it looks good.

#5 Posted by H_U_R_D (45 posts) -

is 128gb not enough? i was hoping to keep the cost right around the thousand dollar mark

#6 Posted by Gav47 (1542 posts) -

What resolution will you be playing at?

800W is way too much for a 7870.

#7 Edited by believer258 (12308 posts) -

Rage isn't particularly optimized for PC, it had a lot of problems out of the gate on PC. I don't know if they're fixed or not yet.

Anyway, looks good. 128GB would be all right as an SSD if you just plan on putting your OS and a few games on it. It will not, however, hold everything.

#8 Posted by H_U_R_D (45 posts) -

gav47 - 1080p

believer258 - thats exactly what i planned to do with that ssd, and use the two hds in RAID to fileswap/fetch

#9 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

@H_U_R_D: I'd say your HDD maybe isn't the best, and I'd also say that an AMD build is a bad idea these days, beyond a value build. Intel's stuff is much, MUCH better. The last generation of AMD processors I remember anyone caring about was a total disaster. I strongly suggest an Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge CPU. And honestly an nVidia card, just because I've had such a shitty time with AMD driver support/features.

@believer258: I think Rage is just picky. A 580 can run that game with enough AA to make a saw look like a chef's knife, silky smooth. Better than Skyrim with 4xAA and quality AO (and not ENB) on a rig with plenty of RAM.

#10 Posted by H_U_R_D (45 posts) -

i dont see why amd builds are frowned upon. i planned to build the besr rig i can for around the thousand dollar mark, and this is what i came up with. going with intel/nvidia is stupid expensive when i can go wih amd/ati and get around the same performance for way less scratch.

#11 Posted by HKZ (70 posts) -

Don't play RAGE. It's a shit game full of terrible issues and a complete waste of time. Save the money and do something else with it.

#12 Posted by Enigma777 (6063 posts) -

This brings up an interesting question I've had for a while. Is Windows 8 good for a gaming PC rig? Particularly if you want a beefy HTPC? Does Metro Modern have controller support?

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