How much is too much for a Gaming PC?

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I spend $1400 on my current rig and honestly I felt I over did it.

Back in 2006 a friend of mine went all in. He cashed all his overtime and bought the most insane rig I've seen with my own eyes. It had it all, and then some. It had just one monitor but still the total was $6450!

I got to visit him once and marvelled at the max settings of Oblivion. A few days later he was assaulted with a bat. Once he had recovered from his physical and mental wounds the hardware had literally nearly halved in value.

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1500 dollars is enough I'd say. If I could spend any amount of cash on a computer I wouldn't go over 2500 dollars though.

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@wasabicurry said:

@thabigred I have heard about Haswell coming out later this year, but the mysterious question is when it will be released? It is moreover timing than anything else. I would like to build my PC in the month of May, but I could wait a month or two just to Haswell.

I just know the old saying, "If you keep waiting for new PC products to come out, you will be waiting forever." So I might just take the plunge if there is no sign by the end of July.

you could get a 965 and a motherboard for under $200 and not feel too guilty about buying a new cpu in the near future. the 965 is solid as hell for that price.

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I spent a shit ton of money on my PC and it was totally worth it. Working towards a second GPU and getting a new keyboard, possibly mouse soon. If you have the will and the money, just do it. It's awesome and worth the money. Just be smart about where you put the money. Don't build with SSD first. Buy a couple of good, fast platter drives, later on pick up a big SSD and move your games over to that. Stop listening to people who say a 20GB SSD with nothing but the OS and Chrome on it makes a "world of difference" because it doesn't. Unless you restart your computer every 5 minutes. Better to wait until you can get a 512GB or bigger SSD (and if you wait, the prices will be better, and you may even be able to get an even bigger drive by then). Plus, if you ever need to reformat, you keep your OS on your platter and your games can live on your SSD and therefore you'll never need to worry about redownloading them. I never have my OS on my "best" drive because of stuff like that. Better to keep things that actually matter on your good drive.

Just keep in mind what you want to do (if all you want to do is pixel art, why do you need photoshop? lol). If it's all games, then spend less on your CPU and put that money towards other things.

Also keep in mind that things like a nice monitor/sound system and input devices should be included in the price and are all essential to getting a really great setup. I've got a nice 24" monitor, 5.1 surround sound, and working on a proper gaming keyboard.

A good case is also very important, and don't be afraid of aftermarket cooling, if only for sound stuff. I still need to replace my 200mm fans in my case with the coolermasters I've been looking at, and get rid of my stock CPU cooler. All of that will be in the service of noise reduction, and that sort of consideration is absolutely important if you ask me.

Oh, and don't cheap out on your motherboard. A lot of people say you don't need a nice mobo because it doesn't do anything, but that's bullshit. It's the thing you'll keep around the longest especially when your financial situation changes and you'll not have enough money for more than an occasional upgrade. It also impacts the performance of literally every component of the PC. And there are a lot of useful features that a mobo can come with, from Wifi/Bluetooth built in to a better sound chip and a longer life.

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