How to make a pc?

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So I'm looking to upgrade from my old pc. So I thought I should make my own. I never had to make one since I Got a somewhat well pc and I just upgraded the graphic cards. It can play games on medium settings. Now I'm wondering how do I build one? I'm looking for the cost, difficulty, and power of the PC. I want one that can last a while, play pc games on high settings, and generally be powerful because I'm starting to code a bit and I have heard the requires a powerful PC. Could you guys tell me which parts you used for your pc or so ob. I have knowledge of PCs. I know general stuff but not that much to make one. Help a Toad out?

Edit: Pretend the title said "How do I build a PC?"

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How to make a pc?


How do I build a PC?


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@Ravenlight: That answered my question, thank you.

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Check out Tested's tutorials on building pc's, once you have all the parts you need/want it's incredibly easy to put together and get running.

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When a mommy PC and a daddy PC really love each other...

The big question is your budget.

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@SexyToad: This guide on these very forums is quite comprehensive and remains updated.

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@Zella: I'll check the site out.

@mosdl: I only have one PC so no loving is going to be done.

@PillClinton: When I created this forum I did so in a different thread. So I completly missed that guide stuck to the top. Thanks for linking to it!

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Are you drunk?

Maybe I'm drunk.

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research, buy parts and assemble. most stuff only goes in one way, the most important thing is buying compatible and useful parts.

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@JJWeatherman said:

Are you drunk?

Maybe I'm drunk.

You're drunk. Maybe he is too though.

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How is babby formed?

Lots of resources online on how to build. Since you want a powerful one for coding, I will give you a couple of hints. Get a Core I-7 CPU and a decent amount of RAM (8GB minimum). RAM will allow you to game and still keep your IDE instances open. I hated having to close down Visual Studio just so I could play a game for 30 minutes.

Also, we can't really help you since you haven't listed out any sort of budget. Can name a few parts, but nothing definite.

Sober post done, now time to drink.

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@PillClinton said:

@JJWeatherman said:

Are you drunk?

Maybe I'm drunk.

You're drunk. Maybe he is too though.

Why would I post about building a PC when drunk?

@TyCobb: The price doesn't matter really, I just want to find the price and save up for it. But I probably wouldn't pay more than $2000 I would say.

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@SexyToad: $2000 is more than enough to build a badass powerhouse rig, if that doesn't include the cost of a monitor, that is.

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@PillClinton: I have my PC right hooked up to my HD Tv so I'm good with that.

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@SexyToad: The recommended build in that guide I linked, along with a GTX 670 GPU (or even 680 if you wanna spend that much, but at 1080p it's not really necessary) and an i7 3770K in place of the i5 3570K would likely be a great machine for you.

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@SexyToad said:

@PillClinton said:

@JJWeatherman said:

Are you drunk?

Maybe I'm drunk.

You're drunk. Maybe he is too though.

Why would I post about building a PC when drunk?

Dude, I don't know. Read over your post and tell me that it doesn't read like a drunk person wrote it.

@PillClinton said:

@SexyToad: $2000 is more than enough to build a badass powerhouse rig, if that doesn't include the cost of a monitor, that is.

And this is very true, as I recently built a computer for about $900--monitor included--that I'm very happy with. That said, if you really want to max everything, $1,500 is about what you should spend.

Good luck.

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That's a good base line for you to look at. That's a bit over your price range, but you don't need a 680, and you don't likely need that much wattage from a PSU (though I'd suggest the same priduct line, just like a 650 or whatever is closes to 500, I forget), and you can easily find a cheaper mobo (that one there isn't even the right one for my build) just make sure it's compatible with the RAM (Intel Z77, X79, Z68 and P67 platforms).

You could also swap out that HDD for an SSD, but a Velociraptor is a nice mix of SSD and HDD pros. It's faster than most HDDs, especially with writing and sustained activity. It's also a lot more reliable than them. It's not as fast as SSDs, but offers a much bigger capacity. But chances are at that point you'd need a cheaprer 1TB 7200 RPM drive as well as the SSD unless you feel like spending $700or more on an SSD with anywhere near that kind of storage.

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@SexyToad: The PC I built was a bit overkill for games, but I needed it for video editing. It's a beast, although right now it's crashing nonstop when I try and play that CS GO beta...and it's making me sad.

Just grab a nice case, modular power supply, an i5, a 670, 8 gigabytes of RAM, hard drive, and the motherboard

You might need a disk drive and windows, I already had a key for Windows pro 64 bit and a copy of it on a flash I never bothered with one. But that build is like 1200 bucks.

I would have normally linked everything for newegg on a cart page but that site is having some issues for me right now. I also have no idea what country you're in or state.

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@MordeaniisChaos: That case is pretty bananas. Some people seems to really hate it. For the record, I think it's pretty fuckin' cool. Also, how's that crazy rig doing?

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