I built myself a gaming PC...Have some questions....

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So yeah, title says it all.

1. Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4? I've missed out on these games since I've been mainly a console player. Considering I have friends on PC that still play BF3, is it worth waiting until 4? I just want some competitive shooter that isn't Call of Duty to hold me over for a year.

2. Controller or mouse and keyboard when playing competitive? I have a rare neurological disorder that makes it hard for me to use keyboard controls for movement, even though aiming is a big plus with a mouse. I know, I I know, this should really be my choice, but is the aiming advantage too great in multi? That's all I really want to know.

3. Recommend me some strategy games. I already own Civ V, but I always wanted to go further in this genre and being a console player, I've mostly stayed away. I'm not afraid to try out something a little more intense than a turn based game.

4. Any cool indie games that I should know about? I might try The Cat Lady and Outlast...but anything else?

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1: Counter Strike GO Is an option. Also Natural Selection (for a FPS/Strategy mix)
2: Mouse and Keyboard 100% when your being competitive. It will be hard for you to get a hold of it, but I can promise that you'll get walked all over using a controller
3: Starcraft 2, XCOM, DoTA 2 (Thats a rough suggestion)
4: Stanley Parable! Path of Exile (Free), Amnesia Dark Descent.

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1. BF3 seems like the most CoD bf so far, wait for BF4 I guess (I'm lost on those games now).

2. Mouse and keyboard for shooters, no exception. You aren't likely to encounter many gamepad players. Other games are often better with a controller but not shooters.

3. RTS online is pretty strenuous... when SC2 + HotS go on sale and it's a good deal for the campaigns and custom game types. Online is a whole. notha. level.

4. Amnesia games, Antichamber, Element4l, Hammerwatch and Rogue Legacy I enjoyed. Those are all good or superior with a controller. Swapper and Hotline Miami look cool but I havent purchased them yet.

Oh, protip (you probably know): Steam Sales. Get that steam account, put games you like on a wishlist. We are getting very close to the season for siiiiiiick sales. Every indy game mentioned here and big AAA stuff will see big price cuts. Just picked up Arkham City and Asylum for $5 each.

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1. BF3 is great, BF4 looks great - I think this one is up to where your friends wind up. If they migrate to 4, you should just start there. If not, save some cash and get 3.

2. Don't be afraid to use a controller - just change your play-style a bit. Will you lose most of your firefights? Yes. But sometimes it's more fun to sit back with a controller in Battlefield and just be a support class. In BF3, you can do just fine with a controller, acting as a medic and laying down suppressive fire.

3. I got nothing, as I would have said Civ V.

4. Gunpoint, Hotline Miami, Papers Please, and You, Sir, are being Hunted (though most of these are keyboard only, but you could get simpatico with JoyToKey)

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  1. Wait for BF4 if your friends are switching to that game as well.
  2. Suck it up; learn to play with the keyboard. You will get utterly destroyed using the controller.
  3. Not a RTS gamer.
  4. Gone Home, Rogue Legacy, Hotline Miami, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Antichamber, Dustforce.
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1. BF4 refines and improves upon BF3, I'd go with BF4 is the way to go unless your friends are truly going to stick with BF3.

2. The keyboard may have a lot more keys than a gamepad has buttons, but you won't need many more keys than the buttons you would've end up using anyway. If you really want something better than a keyboard, you could buy a Razer Orbweaver, check it out, it's pricey but it could help you.

3. HoTS, XCOM.

4. Hotline Miami, Faster Than Light, FEZ, Bastion.

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You're going to have a bad time online, especially in FPS's, if you think you can compete with a controller

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1. Might as well wait for 4.

2. It will be very tough to be competitive with a controller. Sorry.

3. I would warn you away from any intensive RTS games, since those are already stressful enough even with using the keyboard for hotkeys. So, I would recommend that you start with slower paced ones. The Total War games are really good. I also think you could get through the Starcraft 2 campaign fine, because it's pretty easy. It's a great campaign, though. Also, check out XCOM (old and new!).

If you're really in the mood for something competitive, you might want to try out Hearthstone, but that's not out yet.

If you're a crazy person you might want to get into Paradox games, like Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron. But only if you're crazy nuts.

4. Already plenty of suggestions in this thread.

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I should clarify that this is only an issue in games where I have to act as an analog stick to move a character around WASD is just not comfortable for me, but an RTS game where I wouldn't have to worry about that shouldn't be an issue.

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Is it a genuine disorder, or are you simply uncomfortable with it? A lot of people who are new to PC gaming struggle with moving with WASD.

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1. 3 is good, but probably wait for 4

2. Like others said, gonna be hard to be competitive, but if you don't care about your K/D ratio and just want to have fun, controller can be fine

3. Crusader Kings II is a slower paced, different take on strategy games where you just play as one member of a royal family that I found to be a lot of fun. Theres a Quick Look on the site that Dave and others did about a year and a half ago if you interested.

4. FTL and Hotline Miami are great

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If you want analog stick movement, you can consider getting one of these:

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Is it a genuine disorder, or are you simply uncomfortable with it? A lot of people who are new to PC gaming struggle with moving with WASD.


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@shivermetimbers said:

@crazybagman said:

Is it a genuine disorder, or are you simply uncomfortable with it? A lot of people who are new to PC gaming struggle with moving with WASD.


If you are going to have to play BF with a controller, I would recommend focusing on vehicles/aircraft as they aren't very twitch reliant. Or just have fun and don't worry about your K/D :)

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1. Battlefield 4 is just a handfull of days away.
All your BF3 buddies will be buying it, dont worry.

2. Yeah, aim with mouse is key.
Try out those keyboard thingys that @andorski linked for your movement.
If you try to use a gamepad, it'll be like trying to play a game of pool with your feet, while everyone else is using their hands.

3. people have covered this better than i can.

4. im blank, great suggestions in the thread so far.

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