I got a DLINK n900 router for 25 bucks. questions....

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I knew it was a great deal, brand new, never opened 99 dollar router. But what are they? What do they do? Help me Duders!

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You use routers to broadcast funny and/or offensive wifi network names so your neighbors can see them. Some ideas are "Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi" or "Not an FBI Surveillance Van".

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Um... a router connects computers in a network and tells data packets where to go? And you happened to pick up a really fast one?

Why did you spend $25 on something without knowing what the hell it even does?

Not quite sure if I want to laugh or just shake my head.

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I basically had 5 mins to decide, did a minute of research on my phone, saw it was a great deal and said yes.

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I basically had 5 mins to decide, did a minute of research on my phone, saw it was a great deal and said yes.

But you didn't know what it actually was?

I would like to have $25 to blow on something whose purpose I am unsure of.

A more layman explanation - A router takes information sent from a computer and examines it to know where it needs to go, and then sends it on its way. Routers in a home are usually wireless and generally plugged into an internet modem to allow several different devices (iPod Touch, Xbox, PS Vita, computer, etc.) to connect to the internet with the same connection.

I guess that's what you wanted.

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I knew it was a good deal, and I should probably take the deal before the next guy did. So I live with 3 women. I should run my stuff through it, and leave them to all run through the modem? Not cause their women, cause I pay for it and they don't.

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So, I've got 3 cell phones, an ipad and a Laptop (low usage/low priority) running through the modem; and MY (high priority/usage) laptop, tablet, phone and ps3 running through the router for better performance. That sounds right guys? Again I pay for internet and bought the router.

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What? Your modem likely only has a single wired connection. You can use the router for multiple wired connections and wireless networking. You should run all of the connections through the router.

I really don't know what you need clarified or what your current setup is without a router.

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I'm running on ALL wireless. Do wireless connections suck with a router?

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Do you happen to have one of those modem/router combo units from your ISP? I think that might be the source of your confusion. If that's the case, then you might not want or need that router. Turn around and sell it on eBay or something.

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Jesus Christ.

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I just have a modem through my ISP, will the router make all/some of my wireless items faster?

And I've never felt that I've needed one, just stumbled upon a deal and fell down the rabbit hole.

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