I think I've become a "PC Elitist"

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But dude, the new consoles have awesome state-of-the-art hard drives with all the speed and storage one would ever need. Also they'll really, really do 1080p this time and the framerates will probably be consistent at about 30-60fps on some games!

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It only took a GTX 760 and Bioshock Infite, but I don't think I can go back. I am seriously considering canceling my Xbox One to upgrade my case and a few other components. I was blown away at the size of the GPU when it arrived yesterday! BARELY fits in the case I have but, thank god it does because I've never seen a game look so amazing. I am going to go broke buying games I've already played just to see the difference. This is like playing in a whole other universe! Can't believe I've been missing out on so much for so long.

If you only got a 760, the new consoles are probably going to look as good and probably better.

Yup, 770 is the bare minimum if someone wants to be ready for the beginning of the next gen. No way you're going to have high end 1080p play with high framerates on a 760

I think the 760 will do fine; I've been running two 560ti's for a good while and there's nothing they can't handle. I imagine if the time for upgrading comes around, slapping a second 760 in there will be amazing and - by then - super cheap comparatively.

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I dont know, comparing what footage has been released for Watch_Dogs to say Sleeping Dogs the difference is quite big.
I doubt youll be able to max out Watch_Dogs @1080 running at a constant 60 with a 760.

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@geirr: Not if you're expecting to run the new games at 60 1080p. Also one powerful video card>>>>SLI. Reliability drops and potential game problems increase with SLI. Nvidia has gotten a lot better with that stuff but I still prefer to have the one strong card

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Well you still have exclusives for each console that can make them worth buying. Also if you are not a fan of mouse and keyboard and like online shooters, then your assed out on pc. I wouldn't play titan fall on pc just because everybody will be using a mouse except me.

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@oursin_360: yeah, im buying an xbox one just for forza 5, thats it, no other games.

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