I'm buying a new Monitor...

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...and I wouldn't dream of doing so without making sure it was properly vetted by the Giant Bomb community.  Here it is.  I'm paying a bit more than I really wanted to in order to make sure I get all the features I was looking for.  Those features include the following:
Decent size (23-24', upgrading from 19')
Super lightweight
Wide viewing angle
VESA mounting holes (100x100 or 75x75)
And of course, picture quality
Do you think this is a good choice for the price?  Do you recommend any alternatives?
I'm also curious as to how my GTX460 will handle the bump up in resolution from 1440x900 to 1920x1080.  I currently have no issues playing all my games on high settings with my current monitor and would be disappointed if I found out some of them (The Witcher 2, Crysis, Metro 2033, etc.) had become unplayable.  I'm not a framerate whore, but I do want to make sure I can freely go about purchasing new games without worrying about whether or not my video card can handle it.  Tell me your thoughts.

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30 minute revive.

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I approve. You might have some slight problems bumping up the resolution. On the 560, I can just about do max with on the more demanding games, although really, it's no reflection on the monitor. Worst case scenario, you just play certain games at the lower resolution. Witcher 2 would most certainly pose problems at that resolution.

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@mandude: And so begins another cycle of upgrading my entire PC because I wanted one new toy.  Seriously though, I'll be willing to drop resolutions on certain games, or simply lower some of the settings, I just hate that I'm going to have to start thinking about it again.
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@Spoonman671: Yeah, it really is a pain. The main problem is that once you get used to the higher resolutions, it's next to impossible to go back.

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Man, monitor threads on Giant Bomb are boring now.  This almost makes me pine for the days when HitmanAgent47 would show up and complete destroy a thread like this.

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You will have to turn down some of the graphical settings in order to play Witcher 2 at 1920x1080. I'd recommend turning down some settings as opposed to running a non-native resolution as you'll find results will be better.

Considering the resolution being on a 23-24" screen, things like AA and AF you will be able to turn off without it making a large difference to how the game looks. Shadows are the main thing to turn down/off for a decent performance boost, even still you will still find your card struggling.

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