Intel I7 3770 3.4Ghz 1155 help!

#1 Posted by VACkillers (1240 posts) -

Friend just built a whole new machine, using this CPU with a ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Socket 1155 motherboard, but when he turns the machine on, gets nothing but black screen, he doesn't have a graphics card, but the Intel Chip is supposed to come with an Intel HD 4000 graphics chip, so he should at least be able to see it boot which he doens't, any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated !!! hes getting the 660 ti card in a month or so, but I thought it would at least boot up and load windows.. he tried connecting the machine via the VGA port, as well as the DVI port, and still no luck... not quite sure why he all he gets is a black screen, it sounds fine when its turned on, boots up ok...

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Unless he is making an obvious mistake, the issue is either the mobo or the CPU. Save time and have him RMA both so he can get back to building his rig.

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ok sounds like its the mobo... thanks.. and yeah hes not new to making PCs but been long time for him... i'll get him to RMA thanks

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Does it beep at all? How many beeps? Does it flash a light? Look up the boards POST codes and what the beeps mean etc.

#5 Posted by VACkillers (1240 posts) -

yeah the beeps sound ok and normal but no lights or anything

#6 Posted by Devildoll (987 posts) -

has he placed the ram correctly?
Which usually means slot 1 and 3 or 2 and 4 counted from the cpu.

Are all power connectors connected?
have you guys bothered to remove the cpu to check if any of the mobo pins are busted?

#7 Posted by VACkillers (1240 posts) -

ok update for this... found the issue... he didn't plug in the PSU correctly, left a 12 pin power adapter unplugged which goes into the top part of the motherboard... so it was dead, because it wasn't getting any power... lol.. and HE KNOWS BETTER!!!!!! not like he is a noob or anything... anyway thanks for all the help everyone.... needless to say, he loves the build :D

thanks agian

#8 Posted by Corvak (1771 posts) -

Haha...I did this once with a GPU plug. System will not boot without all of the secondary GPU plugs in, even if the card isnt using that much power.

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