Inventor of the Computer Mouse Dies at age 88

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A huge bummer =( Now I'm going to feel sad whenever I use my mouse, which is pretty much all the time.

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Oh man, that video is over an hour and a half and already amazed by the first 5 minutes. It always sucks to see that someone died, but not as bad when you see someone who accomplished so much and lived to make it to their 80s.

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Yeah I saw the Razer page on Facebook post about him with a picture, saying they owe him a lot.

Thanks for this terrific invention and rest in peace.

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Rest in peace indeed, really glad he got to see his invention be where it is today.

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This should be a slap in the face reminder to all the "technology has peaked!" folks about just how damn early this entire "computer games" thing is. Remember when the dude who invented writing on paper died?


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His keyboard sounds amazing.

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damn that really sucks... amazing though... where would ANYTHING be without a mouse.... there is just simply too many tasks that simply cannot be done without a mouse of some sort

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