Is $3000 NZ dollars too much for a Gaming PC?

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Hi I would like to know if spending $3000 NZ dollars is to much for a Gaming Computer here is the link:

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Oh god, I was really close to flagging this as spam with the kinda non-descriptive topic, and seeing an URL and "$3000" in the post, before I actually read it. Sorry for off-topic, but you should probably link this to the PC concept page where discussions like this are common, or change the topic to something that describes the content of the post a bit more (if possible, I know that feature has been busted in the past).

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Without any perspective on what the standard price is for part in NZ I couldn't make a proper value judgement. However if they're priced on average close to the AUD equivalent with maybe a 10% overhead then that machine is heinously over priced.

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I edited the title to be more descriptive but going through the workaround to move this to the PC forum is way too much work.

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It is absolutely far too much. That PC is barely worth $2000 (and only due to the SSD and silly stuff like water cooling) nevermind $3000. Do some research and pick out the parts you want for your desktop. If you don't want to build it yourself, most tech places will do it for a small fee.

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Just checked the part prices in NZ and well... Jesus I'm glad I'm not buying hardware there. That being said, it's probably still too much when it's all added up.

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The exchange rate makes it ~2500$ USD. That's still about 8-900 too much in USD. The only thing is I don't know if you have to pay more for PC parts in NZ because of import taxes/tariffs.

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I need this in a currency I have more knowledge of, like dogecoin

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@gorillamopena said:

I need this in a currency I have more knowledge of, like dogecoin

I prefer Brad Bucks

On topic, I think that is a hefty price for a PC currently.

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I just slapped this together that's almost the same thing as that one in NZ. It priced at 2016$ USD which is 2362$ NZ on google's rate. Again, assuming there's no hideous import fees on parts there.

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Seems overpriced to me. I would check out the local computer stores and see what their prices are like. So long as they know what they're doing it'll make support/returns much easier and you could get something more appropriate to your needs.

Of course, what you really want to do is research all the parts and build it yourself or get someone to build it for you, but that's if you've got more time than money and not for everyone.

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I bought a $110 graphics card and upgraded my processor for $60 off eBay. All into a $500 HP I bought 3 years ago. I can play most on High and above. So yes, that is too expensive.

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As someone who just built a new PC in NZ... that's too much. It's not horribly overpriced, but it is too much. Also I would never buy a PC from MightyApe. Computer Lounge are far better, and you can get a better PC for less. Such as this.

Also to the US folks comparing US prices... they just don't compare. Shit is expensive here. That's why I ended up buying all my parts individually from Amazon and saving myself a huge amount of money. The only things I bought in NZ were the CPU (about $20 difference.. not worth the wait to get from Amazon), the case (too bulky for international shipping) and my monitors (also bulky).

I recommend doing the same if you're comfortable building your own PC.

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@gorillamopena said:

I need this in a currency I have more knowledge of, like dogecoin

I prefer Brad Bucks

On topic, I think that is a hefty price for a PC currently.

Someone just needs to make that a real cryptocurrency.

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