Is a Steam Machine right for me?

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I've been looking at getting a new laptop for some time,but outside of gaming, I don't really "need" one. The laptop I have works fine, but is starting to chug because I have over 200 GB of music and games on my laptop(I only have a 250 internal) . Yes I also have an external HDD that I use. Basically the only reason I would get/want a new one is to play the mass collection of Steam games I have. I haven't seen a price or anything like that released so far, but strictly as another "gaming machine" would you think it would be worth it for someone like me?

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no way. if you want a new system, get one that can do more than just play games. the whole steam box thing is a joke in my mind.

also you dont need to have all of your games installed all the time. only install a handful as needed. same for music. do you use any cloud services?

or try upgrading some parts first. you performance could improve significantly by doing something as simple as buying a new solid state drive or just a larger one with better read/write speeds. upgrade the memory maybe too. little things can make a big difference and save a lot of money and time as opposed to buying a whole new system and migrating everything.

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@ozzdog12: Since there's not much out in the way of specs/prices yet they're kind of hard to recommend at the moment. It sounds like there's going to be enough of a variety to find one suitable to your needs, but if you can't wait there's enough guides around to building your own gaming pc.

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Build a cheap gaming pc.

With steam home streaming now in swing, you can stream them all to your laptop. Or your tv via your laptop.

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