Is Anyone Using the GTX260 or GTX 280 cards?

#1 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

just was wondering if anyone is using any of these cards, and if so what is their FPS on the games they use for either of these cards, i am going to get a comp b4 the year is out, and i was desciding to go with either a single GTX 260 or with TWO 8800GTs in sli mode as their so cheap now....  but i'd like some performance between the cards as i'd like to hear from actual gamers what speeds they can get... I guess some FPS with 2 8800GTs would be kool too!

please post the PC setup if you descide to reply so i can see if i would get any bottlenecks anywhere.... thanks in advanced guys...

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I have 2 8800GT's in SLI, overclocked and I'm loving it. I don't have and haven't performed any benchmarks on any games but I could show you these benchmarks I got from anandtech which shows pefromances from so many cards and please note that all the card are running on stock. IMO I would wait for the 4870X2 because by the looks of the early previews it looks like a freaking beast and will beat any nvidia card out there. If you were looking for a cheaper setup then the 8800GT SLi is your best choice, plus I think it consumes less power over the GTX280 (not sure), it also beats the GTX 260 in every test.


#3 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

nice benchmarks thanks.... really supprised at the 8800GT sli mode, at how well that out-performs almost all of the cards... Yea i know about the new ATI card coming out but was thinking about cards that are out now, and im pretty sure i wont have the money to get the 4870 X2 card.

#4 Posted by Bucketdeth (8057 posts) -

I`m starting to lean towards ATI, Gpu wise anyways. Nvidia has kind of went downhill imo after the 8XXX series.

#5 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

yeah the new ATI cards are really good... I was always interested in the GTX260 and 280s, i thought the 9800GT2s were really gonna rock but they didn't rock as much as nvidia made them out to be

#6 Posted by y0y0 (105 posts) -

This was suppose to be a major jump, and they were right it is but at awful price points in comparison to there other cards.

#7 Posted by Agent_Lost (899 posts) -

the GTX260 or GTX 280 have one real big down side, they need 300 WATT to make the card run, i have full PC that run a 300 watt heck my laptop used 65 watt at max.

300 WATT
that just crazy

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yeah im not too worried about how much power they use i'd be getting a 850 watt, not exactly envirmently friendly but not much you can do about it if you want high performance these days....  if anyone could post some of their specs and FPS they get in some games i'd apreciate it.... nice to have official benchmarks, but they normally use really high performance parts in their PCs where as im looking for what the average gamer is getting in their games with these newer cards

#9 Posted by albaker (437 posts) -
Agent_Lost said:
"the GTX260 or GTX 280 have one real big down side, they need 300 WATT to make the card run, i have full PC that run a 300 watt heck my laptop used 65 watt at max.

300 WATT
that just crazy
Yeah same as the 4870X2
#10 Posted by Kenzo287 (722 posts) -
Agent_Lost said:
"the GTX260 or GTX 280 have one real big down side, they need 300 WATT to make the card run, i have full PC that run a 300 watt heck my laptop used 65 watt at max.

300 WATT
that just crazy
wait so my crummy Dell Inspiron 530 can run these? MUST BUY!
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TC you could consider getting a 9800GX2 which is $285 on newegg (Cheapest one). IMO this is a CRAZY offer and I would have DEFINITELY have bought had I not had a 8800GT setup. It beats the GTX 280 in every game except for 2 maybe.

$285 9800 GX2

#12 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

thats what i was waiting for albaker.... for those 9800GX2s to be under 300 bucks!!!

#13 Posted by albaker (437 posts) -

Yeah great offer and great card!

#14 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

Will this PSU be enough for a 9800GX2 or 2 GTX280s? the wattage seems enough but i wasn't sure on the connectors
#15 Posted by Agent_Lost (899 posts) -

if I remember right, you need a 6-pin + 8-pin connector for the 280 and only 6-pin for the 9800

#16 Posted by albaker (437 posts) -

Yes that PSU is enough but to me, I'd get a better brand than Rosewill, something like PC Power and Cooling or Corsair, they're more reliable PSU's

#17 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

I was concidering going with an Antec PSU Link

#18 Posted by Agent_Lost (899 posts) -

yep it will do the trick, i know since i got one in my overprice gaming PC.

#19 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

lol ok thats good to know thanks Agent L.

#20 Posted by Agent_Lost (899 posts) -

NP, just you know there 2 6+2 pin that you can used for 2 PCI-E card, it work magic in my 9600GT SLI config, so your left with 5 connector to setup 5 HD and place it at RAID 0, ah the dream.
remember people the bigger partition you can make is 16 Terabytes

#21 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

thats INSANE!!! ammount of HDD space man... and im here sitting on a lonely 160GB lol

#22 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

ok, what would be a suggested monitor with these higher-end cards? i like samsung monitors myself, but i've never owned a top-end machine b4 so this would be my first, or close to top end i guess... i wouldn't want an insane res. just one that could prolly go 1600 or so

#23 Posted by Agent_Lost (899 posts) -

well first the Monitor must have a DVI port to get the maximum out of the card, after that it all superficial like a fast response time (5ns) how big it is. oh the contrast ratio get the high you can get so the black on black don't look like crap. by now must monitor have that.

Monitor are not my strong point, so anyone can make a better subjection then go ahead.

#24 Posted by Maru (286 posts) -

Samsung 2493HM is amazing, 24 inch 1900x1200 resolution would be a good match with upcoming GTX 260 or 280 55nm chip version or ATI HD 4870X2.

#25 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

is that expensive though?

#26 Edited by Maru (286 posts) -

Oh, I didn't see that link albaker provided,  that is amazing price for that 9800GX2.

I'm sure the new revised GTX series will be bit cheaper then current GTXs.

With monitors, just buy the best one you can afford,  I personally would not go below 22 inch. 

#27 Edited by Bucketdeth (8057 posts) -

If the Quad core is good and future built, at the end of the year I'll probably get a newer card, I`m looking at the new 9800`s which have dropped in price quite abit, but I`m just wondering how the hell I will fit it in the Acer Aspire.

Do you think it would be worth the switch from 8800gt to 9800GX2. As I don`t have another slot to do SLI with 2 8800`s

#28 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

yes definately go with the GX2 if you can, its not only a big card, its a fat card, i believe it takes up 2 pci slots so bare that in mind if your pretty tight on case space, but you can get good cases for pretty good prices these days... just browse on newegg and you'll see quite a few, i'd reccomend an Antec Nine Hundred case, seems to be pretty good if u do descide to change yours

#29 Edited by Xelloss (213 posts) -

I have a GTX 280, its a really powerful card, and the lastest drivers really make it awesome.  It has a lot of power to push, but if your looking at just higher framerates for cards you shouldn't.  SLI 8800 GTs run at a higher frame rate at times, but the frame rate dips a lot with them.  My friend has 8800 GT in SLI, and I have 1 GTX 280, we both play Age of Conan in the same house and when I look at this screen he can get some really nasty frame rate dips.  Low as 18 fps at heavy times and heavy populated areas, but then will be running at 200 fps in a cave or something.  While I am at the same settings as him (pretty much maxed out completly), I run at a higher resolution at 1680*1050 and I am running the same areas as him at 30-40 fps with it dipping only to 28 at its lowest.  

But its you decision.  For example the new 4870 ATI GX2 or whatever is a really sweet card, but you are forced to one screen just like other SLI setups (theres ways around it).  You need a good PSU for any setup, if its the GTX 280, the 4870 or the 8800 GT in SLI.  Also Price vs performance,  you can pick up an 8800 GT for about $130 after rebate, so 2 would cost $260, a GTX 280 will run about $410 (some under 400) after rebate and a 4870 X2 are running about 550-580.

I went with the GTX 280 at time, because I picked it up for 440 bucks.  If I picked up the 8800 GT SLI I would be stuck with those cards when they are outdated and old, with the GTX 280 I can just pop 1 or 2 extra in when the price are down and get close to +50% more perfomance.

But I think for you, a 9800 GX2 for 300~ would be a good buy.

#30 Posted by Bucketdeth (8057 posts) -

Alright awesome, thanks alot guys, I`m going to shop around a little bit and see when I can order my 9800GX2 : )

#31 Posted by Decimator (137 posts) -

I wouldn't even spend that much money on a card that gets easilly outperformed by a cheaper card with a lot more potential. The best price/quality choice at this very moment will be the HD 4870 X2 since it's not really expensive and outperforms everything. Two HD 4870s in CrossFire versus one HD 4870 X2 will not win in gaming benchmarks but in power consumption benchmarks, they need a lot more power than one single HD 4870 X2.

#32 Posted by calf_exercises (858 posts) -

If you are OK with radeon, I suggest checking out the 4870 and the soon to be released 4870 x2. Both exception cards. I just got a new rig with a 4870 and its awesome.

#33 Posted by Decimator (137 posts) -

There's no game that the HD 4870 can not run, speaking about the HD 4870 X2 it would be overkill.. ;)

#34 Posted by VACkillers (1089 posts) -

yea i think i'll be getting the 9800GX2, its a steal at under 300 bucks

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