Is it possible to upgrade this?

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I have the HP 27-1095d ''all-in-one'' PC, and am really hoping that I can upgrade the graphics card inside which is the Nvidia Geforce GT 540M to something (or anything) that can allow me to play Diablo III smoothly on (hopefully) high settings.

I have been reading about the GTX 670 card, but I feel quite pessimistic about the compatibility with this PC I got so if there are any alternative cards that are compatible with this please do let me know!

I just really really want to play Diablo III already and hope to make this PC last me a good few years gaming-wise, cuz my Dad just bought me this and I just need upgrading solutions from you more knowledgeable guys out there!

I hope for good news, and thanks in advance!

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It is possible and recommended to upgrade this... with a brand new custom-built PC (if you will to further play games on it).
As for DIablo III, you should be able to run it at least on medium settings, don't worry.

#3 Posted by believer258 (13202 posts) -

Is this it?

Then nope, nor anything like it. You would need a tried-and-true desktop to upgrade good and proper.

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Sorry, you can't upgrade that PC with a regular graphics card since that PC is basically a laptop. You could fit a better mobile GPU there, but that won't give you notable raise in performance and it is not an easy task.

So if you want more power, build a custom PC.

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Thanks guys! I guess I'll just live with this computer for now, and it's good to know that I can at least still run Diablo 3 on medium. Maybe in a few more years time I'll finally learn how to and get to build my own custom PC and enjoy the new games then. Once again thanks!

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