Is there a PC equivalent for "Beacons" like Xbox Live has?

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I've been wanting a good way to start a spontaneous gaming session within a community on the PC, but it can be a pain in the ass. Is there some way to throw out a "beacon" for people to see and join on me somehow? Maybe through steam groups or something? Steam groups seem decent for pre-planned gaming but if you want to get a group of folks together in the moment, I can't really see anyway to accomplish that. Especially when *cough* no one's ever in chat.

Any suggestions?

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Well you can send out a Steam group event.

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Get people to sign up to a mailing list and you just send out a mass email.

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Well you can send out a Steam group event.

But that sort of thing requires being a certain "rank" within the group, doesn't it?

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No one is ever on chat? From what I gather a lot of people just leave Steam online while using their computer, myself included. I don't see how there would be less people on Steam than on Xbox Live. That makes no sense. You have weird friends!

Anyway, creating a thread on a site like Giant Bomb can be a pretty quick way to do that. Worth a shot.

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There's actually a "Looking to Play" setting on Steam under the status selection bar thing now. Try it out!

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I never got beacons to be effective in XBox Live where instead it was more effective just to IM people. And to be honest I ignored beacons and automated events too but I don't ignore individual messages.

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