Is this a good system at $725?

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Total idiot when it comes to PC gaming, but how is this for $725 
 -Black Asus case.....2 blue led 120 mm front fans blowing across hard drives, 1 side blue led 120mm fan, 1 back 120mm fan, and a tri speed 200 mm top fan as well as the cpu fan...This system moves some air.  
-ASUS M4A785-M motherboard  
-AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition.... triple core 2.8ghz with a total 7.5mb of cache....i have the 4th core unlocked and its completely stable. You can either run it as a quad core with no overclocking or you can run the three cores and overclock them. Ive just ran it as a quad core. the windows7 index score gives it a 7.3 on 1 to 7.9 scale. CPU temp is under 90 degrees feren...  
-OCZ Stealth Xtreme 550W power supply  
- 2 X 2gb of OCZ DDR2 PC2- 8500 1066 MHz platinum gaming ram for a total of 4GB.  
-ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT graphics card with 512mb of GDDR3  
- 250GB sata main drive  
-500GB sata 2nd drive  
- LG light scribe dual layer sata dvd Burner  
-Windows 7 fresh install and activated  
- Dell E228WFP 22in wide screen monitor  
-Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse      

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Try going for a better video card; the HD2600 is some 2007 stuff that will run your games, but not well in proportion to your other components.

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I will take that as a no? BTW, i am not talking about very serious gaming, Civ 5 and maybe SC2, not online much either.

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@greennoodles: Both of which can be pretty heavy in the graphics department.
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If they didn't recall sandy bridge cpu's, i would have reccomended you look into an i5 2500k system.   You could build a good one for about 800$  but ... now you gotta wait till they re-release those cpu's :O

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Ok so I guess I will keep looking, this PC shit sucks when you don't know about it. When I ask most people get all snooty about it cause I am a "nOOb" or whatever.

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That card wont run shit nowadays, you´ll need to drop a lot more money on that if you want it to run anything half-decently. I´d suggest a Raden 5770 if you are on a budget, maybe you can spend some more money on it and get one of the newer ones.  

I personally like to dump as much ram as possible, but 4gbs should be ok I guess.

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Are you building or buying preassembled?
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 @ninjakiller said:

" @greennoodles: Are you building or buying preassembled? "

 this one is preassembled
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@greennoodles: unnghhhh 
Build one for yourself man.  It's not that hard, and you save a lot of money.  
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Save twice as much and build a better rig...
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Civ 5 is hardly easy to run, fyi. So much stuff going on there that you'll need a good card.
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That's not a good deal. As mentioned, the GPU specifically is kinda weak. 
(Actually, considering it comes with a monitor and Microsoft mouse and keyboard, maybe it's not as awful of a deal as I thought. You should look for a bit better though.)

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As per the rest, take a look at the graphics card, and also, build it yourself, 
A few reccomendations, 
GTX 460 is a really good card, You won't need more than 4GB worth of RAM for gaming, I'd go with the Phenom X4 955 or 965, ASUS make good motherboards, but the latest one is having major issues with its UEFI, also check out the PSU EXTENSIVELY, a bad PSU can fry your entire machine, more is better. 

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From what I know, there's a handful of great PC hardware guys here on GiantBomb who would propably give you good advice on what to buy.
Also repost this thread at Tested. Guys out there are good at tech too.
If you make a "help me build a PC for $XXX" thread I'm sure people will help you out.

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Ok, forget it, I am gonna give up my dream of playing civ 5 lol. I am trying to sneak in under 800 and i just looked in the buid it youself thread and that isn't happening.

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@greennoodles: Under $800 is quite easily doable if you build it yourse which you really should with the money you save and how easy it is.
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@greennoodles said:
" Ok, forget it, I am gonna give up my dream of playing civ 5 lol. I am trying to sneak in under 800 and i just looked in the buid it youself thread and that isn't happening. "
Why's that? Can't reach price or too technical to put one together? There's plenty of help available if you are worried about building one, if it's price - I assure you, that you can play Civ 5 on a rig under $800.
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not a deal

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Ok then the other thread is misleading. I am starting from the ground up here so I need a monitor and everything.

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If you build it, you could get a similar system but upgrade the graphics to a 5770 and the memory to ddr3, maybe get a better mother board. the gpu is definitely the weak point, with the 5770 you should be able to play everything out right now on at least medium specs. A build like that would be around 500 dollars, and you could spend the rest of the money on monitor/ windows 7.

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@ZoomyRamen said:
" @greennoodles: Under $800 is quite easily doable if you build it yourse which you really should with the money you save and how easy it is. "
Exactly. Just because this was a shitty deal doesn't mean you can't play Civ5 for WELL under $800 USD.
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Hell, I've got an HD 4850 and can run more or less anything newly released, and that card can't cost much more than $100 at this point, if you can get a hold of one. 
I know it's a bit of an old model, I've had mine for a couple of years now, but it still has a great performance/price ratio.

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@MrKlorox: i was just going by the builds in the stickied thread. 
@Giraffeking: Thank you for all your help, like I said I am an idiot when it comes to this.
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Yeah could get a better video card for $100...

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I'd just like to point out that having so many fans in your case will do more harm than good. Sure, you will get a lot of air into your case, but once inside, it'll be more akin to a storm rather than a controlled current. Believe it or not, but having one exhaust fan on the rear of your pc case is the best way to go (you still need a cooler for your cpu and video card of course). 
Just check out this little guide if you don't believe me

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No problem. Despite what most PC veterans say, finding the right specs for you and assembling is unnecessarily complicated for newcomers. Make sure you check out tested's many video on assembling if you choose to go that route.
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If you are going to spend money on a new video card it might be a good idea to invest a little more so it will hold up for more time.

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@greennoodles:  Do you have any friends or know anyone that is pretty computer savy? Or at least has the knowledge on how to build a PC?
I mean hell, you could probably follow Will's video here on Tested and you'd have enough knowledge on how to build it. The video is from April, but considering your price points, you could probably quite easily make something similar and get exactly what you want. Or at the very least do a little more research and get more recommendations and modify parts as needed. Otherwise, use this video as sort of a place to start to see what the process is of building your own PC. It's probably worth going over to and investigating their forums and community for advice too.
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Yeah I just built one a while ago and every time I do it's just long enough to become completely out of the loop with hardware, making it all a pain in the ass. 

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 @greennoodles:  You should most certainly be building your own PC. If you are going to go for an ATi card don't get the 5770, you can pick up a 5850 for about the same price as a 5770 if you shop around and you will see a massive improvement in performance, but then if you can afford a 5850 you might also want to consider an nVidia GTX460 with 1gb ram, nothing beats it in that price range.
@Kazona: That's a great article, I might try turning off some of my fans to see if I get an improvement on temps and time to idle temp from peak.
@heatDrive88: While the video is informative it is quite out of date now, watch it to get an idea of how to put the components together, don't rely on the product specific information though.
Take a look at Geno's thread, it is a sticky at the top of the PC forums but here is a link, this is a great post as Geno keeps updating it to show what you can put inside a PC at various different price points and he has a build there for a little over $600 that will put your original system to shame.

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