Just bought a SSD, how to play games off a HDD and SSD on Steam?

#1 Posted by MethodMan008 (938 posts) -

Hey duders...

So I just bought a 128gb SSD and I've installed Steam on it and moved a few games over, but of course the SSD can't hold all my games..

Is it possible to play games off both hard drives on Steam? I have like 500gbs of games sitting on my HDD.


#2 Posted by MB (14392 posts) -

@MethodMan008: Try this or you can do it yourself manually using symbolic links.

#3 Posted by L1GHTN1N (856 posts) -

If you opt into the Steam beta you can choose which drive to install a game to. Go Settings -> Account, click "Change" under "Beta Participation", and opt in. Then when you choose to install it'll prompt you which drive you want.

#4 Posted by Chris_Ihao (103 posts) -

Great tips guys. Thanks. Always wondered this.

#5 Posted by MethodMan008 (938 posts) -

@MB: @L1GHTN1N: You guys are the best. Those two options work fantastically together.

<3 Giantbomb.

#6 Posted by HKZ (71 posts) -

SteamTool is what I use to move games back and forth, and it's worked flawlessly for me.

#7 Posted by Andorski (5469 posts) -

@HKZ said:

SteamTool is what I use to move games back and forth, and it's worked flawlessly for me.

Does it ever mess up with saves when transferring between drives?

#8 Posted by HKZ (71 posts) -

@Andorski: Nope. Never had a problem with it. It does all the symlinking stuff for you behind the scenes, and even after transferring them back a forth a few times I've never had a problem. Never had to verify game files or anything, it just works. Highly recommend it after doing all the symlink stuff by hand more times than I want to remember.

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