Just rented a Rust server GB community welcome.

#1 Posted by PHARAOH (152 posts) -

So if you guys want to play Rust we dont tolerate cheaters and we demand people play fair. If anyone is caught cheating they will be banned.

If you guys want to play Rust just press f1 in the game menue and put in this direct connect command net.connect Make sure there isnt any spaces before the command or it wont work. Its called the Rustconnect.com server.

#2 Posted by _Dad (43 posts) -

I am considering picking up this game. If I do, I'll join you.

#3 Posted by gelatinabomination (196 posts) -

I've been playing on this server, I've seen your tower but never run into you. If I see you I'll say hi!

#4 Posted by PHARAOH (152 posts) -

Cool ill look for you lol

#5 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1056 posts) -

I hopped in this server last night. I looted a few decaying houses and hid a house. I'll check it out more later.

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