Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Did steam eff it up?

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I have no evidence to back this up so treat it as you will.

KoToR 2, imho is a good game when you look at what they were trying to do but unfortunately because someone just wanted to cash in for the sequel (i truly hope the person who decided this got fired after the release) sure it had some annoying AI's but that is all i can remember.

So when steam re-released it on steam i was jumping with joy! I bought the game and downloaded the restoration mod, 6 hours later the game crashes and i'm like "wtf?" i start up again then 4 - 5 hours later it crashes again, so i thought "maybe it's the mod" i didn't uninstall the mod because it's only 4 - 6 hours in it crashes.

Then i reach Onderon... Oh dear God in heaven, save my soul from this crashing hell, for thou's power is the only power to save me. Unfortunately my prayers went unheard and i could then only play 2 - 20 minutes before it crashes. Enrage i blamed the mod, so i deleted the entire game to be sure (there's a .unin). So i redownload the game, i finally get passed where it crashes, i then realize i have to set the resolution, i save and try to quit to main menu.

Much to my massive despair, the game crashes again. Remove the mods, Skyrim never crashed this much or this frequent and neither did Gothic 3 god damnit. That's right, i just compared this to Gothic 3 and i swear this to whoever/whatever is sacred or dearly beloved to you: Gothic 3 never crashed this frequent! And neither did KoToR 2 when it first came out and it's not the mod that is causing this.

So what remains is: Did steam botch this somehow? I hear steam has it's own DOSBox for old games.

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@weirdo: No, Steam didn't break it. It's an old game that is notoriously shitty to get to work on newer systems and operating systems. DOSBox and DOSBox-alikes are only for emulating DOS games, and KOTOR 2 came out in like 2004.

There are some things you can try to get it working better, most of which are listed here. It's a super useful article (on a really amazing website).

You might want to try the core affinity stuff. That seems like the kind of thing that may cause problems if you didn't already try it.

But yeah. It's an old game, and not only is it old which will cause issues but it wasn't even particularly polished or finished when it came out. I am just happy they released it on Steam at all, as I've been dying to replay it for ages and my Xbox copy doesn't work in my 360, and I couldn't find a reasonably priced retail copy anywhere. Maybe the fact that it's selling so well will lead to a KOTOR 3 maybe?

Edit: Also try putting v-sync on.

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i hear the guy did get fired for the bad AI.

he then lost his house and his kids got taken into care because he couldn't afford to feed them. his wife ran off with man that didn't make a game with bad AI and now he live under a bridge and shouts at people.

servers him right for making a game with bad AI

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Thank you! I shall try these fixes and stuff and hope it will be better :)

Not that guy :p The guy(s) who purposely rushed the game out in the name of profit.

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