Leaf Blower to dust out a PC?

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So, I figure it's about time I dusted out my rig. This is my first gaming comp, so I don't have experience with the process. I have heard people on the internets, and my friend as well, say that using a leaf blower is ok to use. The only reason I would want to consider this route is that it seems fast, and efficient. Does anyone know if it really IS SAFE, and if there is something to avoid when using a blower. Other than that, if it isn't, I'll just go the normal route and buy compressed air cans... Thanks guys.

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That can damage the fans and build up static, which would not be good. Compressed air or a low powered vacuum would be the better options.

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It's best to vaccum out the power source if dust gets in there it's likely to cause a short. So maybe if you took out your Ps? Otherwise goodluck!

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Buy compressed air, it's like five quid for 3 large bottles or something on amazon.

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compressed air cans, blow the dust out one side with a vac running to clean it all up. 

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I use the air blower of my vacuum cleaner, its not nearly as powerful as a leaf blower, and I only pass it across the PC in quick moves to not put too much air pressure on my rig. 
Either get compressed air cans or stand meters away from the PC in an open area and use the leaf blower. You don't want too much pressure on the fragile parts!

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@Lego_My_Eggo said:

That can damage the fans and build up static, which would not be good. Compressed air or a low powered vacuum would be the better options.

Exactly. They sell little cheap bottles of compressed air for the exact purpose of cleaning out your computer.

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this is why you shouldn't have nice things

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If your leaf blower happens to have an incredibly low power setting, then maybe. I'd just be wary of it doing damage because it's on a much larger scale than a simple can of compressed air. I'm also wary of vacuum attachments because they're generally plastic and full of static electricity.

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I've been advised against using an air compressor but I've been cleaning my computers with them for like 10 years without fail. I guess they're not good because something like dust particles and mist can shoot out with the air thought I haven't experienced any failed hardware due do that. I've been using the kind that you use with nail guns and the like with a blower attachment.

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Hey, thanks a bunch guys! Appreciate all the insight.

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They say that 99% of the population is within two standard deviations of the mean IQ of 100. I think we just found an outlier.

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Leafblower. Nothing bad will happen at all.

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Dude what? 

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if you use the leaf blower please post a vid.

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Will and Norm just had chills run down their spines

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Give your PC a nice hot bath, then rub some strawberry oil all over it, put some lingerie on it and make sweet love to it. Use the canned air. A leaf blower makes it sound like a joke thread, I know you're probably serious but it sounds like a joke thread. :)

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... Tim Allen?

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You're making me cry right now.

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Don't be a pussy use a jet engine dude.

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Just dump a gallon of Mountain Dew into that fucker with it switched on.

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As some people have mentioned before that seems like a bad idea dude. Try using compressed air cans and q-tips instead.

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Been using the datavac for almost a year now and cant speak highly enough of it.

Pro-tip:Place some pens in your fans so they cant move and go to town.

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@defaulttag: God dam you for posting that video. As if I needed another thing to go buy!

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