Lesser known F2P?

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Looking for something off the beater path F2P that isn't an MMO or super popular on steam. I don't have a lot of time with work and school, but I'd like to find something fun. Suggestions?

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Floating Point is a relaxing f2p game I've been playing. It's on Steam but I don't think it's particularly popular. You just control a dot and try to swing it around to hit all the beacons in a level. The beacons get higher and the music more filled out the faster you go. It's really satisfying getting a lot of speed and plowing through a level in a few seconds.

It takes a little getting used to, but it's pretty fun once you do! It's a tiny little thing though, not a whole lot to it.

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Uhm, It depends a lot on what you want. I personally can find Warframe fun (super popular on steam) or War thunder (popular). Most f2p don't seem to not have a player base that's moderately large. I am away from my main computer right now, so i don't have steam and can't really think of anything else atm.

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We could definitely use more players on Super Monday Night Combat!

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World of Tanks isn't on Steam, but it's a damn fine game. Most rounds are over in under 10 minutes, very easy on your time if you only want to battle once or twice before something else.

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Alien Swarm. Made by Valve. Enough said.

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AirMech? It's a free to play Herzog Zwei-like MOBA thing. It's pretty fun.

And if we count open source games - i.e., totally free games without any income model at all beyond voluntary donations, there are thousands. Some of the best ones being Warsow (available on GOG), Xonotic (previously known as Nexuiz), UFO: Alien Invasion (a classic X-COM clone from the early 00's that is still being updated), Warzone 2100 (large scale RTS, somewhat in the vein of Total Annihilation, originally commercially released by EIDOS, was released under open source license back in 2004).

I also think Defiance is pretty alright. They haven't done much to improve it since it launched, but the core game in there is still fun.

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Marvel Heroes is pretty rad and doesn't get much advertisement on Steam, but Jeff talks about it fairly frequently so I guess you already knew that. It's just Diablo with Marvel characters. It has some MMO elements however they are pretty light and you can see 95% of the content without talking to another person.

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MechWarrrior Online is neat. Shame more people aren't into it, I could really go for playing it tactically with a few friends.

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Team fortress 2 or fistful of frags are pretty good f2p.

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Haven't played it in a while so I'm not sure what's changed, but Blacklight Retribution might be another great choice. it was a way better shooter than most non-f2p games last time I checked.

SMITE and Infinite Crirsis are both really good MOBAs if you wanna explore that option. Haven't played Heroes of the Storm or Strife, but those seem like other good options as well.

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@babychoochoo said:

SMITE and Infinite Crirsis are both really good MOBAs if you wanna explore that option. Haven't played Heroes of the Storm or Strife, but those seem like other good options as well.

Infinite Crisis and Strife are both really bad. SMITE is cool and HotS is very basic but good if you want that (similar to Hearthstone).

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