"Let's add each other!" - NFS: Hot Pursuit Edition

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Hey gang!

Some of us in the PC Gaming Hub IRC Channel slammed down our already very thin wallets onto Steam's virtual counter and demanded a copy of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit in exchange for an almost laughable amount of money, paid in wildly differing currencies. To our suprise, the machine complied and started sending encrypted data to our home vessels. Connected by wires, psychic channels and interstellar signals, we came together in a braintrust and decided that things like this are always best enjoyed alongside like-minded individuals.

So let's fill up each other's autlogs! On there we can race each other head-to-head or challenge our best times and scores on tracks.

Addable folk:

  • Akrid3
  • AlexW00d
  • avantegardener
  • Avifalafel
  • Baustad
  • Brodehouse
  • DaneClark83
  • DarthPacheco
  • DrBrakePhD
  • Eribuster
  • fr0y0
  • Gnubberen
  • LanceUppercut82
  • Lazerbladez
  • LetsNoodles
  • MattyFTM
  • mscupcakes
  • ProjektGill
  • PsychoPenguin
  • runcrash
  • Sjupp
  • SockemJetpack
  • SotoSaki
  • squimpify
  • subbeh
  • THEcrunchmonkey
  • thoseposers
  • VectorSpecter
  • WillTheMgkAsian
  • xMrSunshine
  • XyberDeath
  • ZagZagovich

If you already have an Origin/EA-Account, the game uses the same login credentials as those (but you don't need to log in to Origin if you buy this on Steam). To add friends, you go to "Hot Pursuit Online" from the main menu and hit "Join Friends." There you'll have the add-button and a list of your existing friends. Also: For someone to add you, you must have logged in to autolog in-game at least once.

Just post your ID in here and I'll try and keep the list up to date.

Let's drive some cars, post some times!

#2 Posted by zudthespud (3329 posts) -

Good idea. I bought it a while ago when it was on sale at Origin and I've not had much luck finding friends :(

ID: LetsNoodles

#3 Posted by Eribuster (619 posts) -

ID: Eribuster

I cleared my list a while back since no one seemed to be posting new stuff. Nice to see new people getting in to the game.

#4 Posted by Sjupp (1945 posts) -


#5 Posted by CollegeGuyMike (398 posts) -

ID: SotoSaki

#6 Posted by bemusedchunk (842 posts) -

I chomped down on this today.

ID: Avifalafel

#7 Posted by ZagZagovich (807 posts) -

ZagZagovich is mine

#8 Posted by PsychoPenguin (205 posts) -

PsychoPenguin here

#9 Posted by SockemJetpack (424 posts) -

I was waiting for a thread like this. SockemJetpack is my autolog.

#10 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

I am tired of my speedwall being empty! Put me up there!

#11 Posted by Subbeh (91 posts) -

Could you add me too please? subbeh should do it.

#12 Posted by Brodehouse (10650 posts) -

I wonder if it's cross compatible between Origin and Steam, you'd have to think it would be (you're signing in with your EA account on the Steam version anyway, right?). Anyways, I'm Brodehouse.

#13 Posted by squimpify (9 posts) -

Awesome, was just thinking this would be a cool thing to do.

ID: squimpify

#14 Posted by ProjektGill (774 posts) -

Having more people on the leaderboard would be awesome.

ID: ProjektGill

#15 Posted by xMrSunshine (383 posts) -

ID: xMrSunshine 

#16 Posted by Baustad (79 posts) -

ID: Baustad

#17 Posted by crunchmonkey (281 posts) -

ID: THEcrunchmonkey

#18 Posted by Thoseposers (859 posts) -

ID: thoseposers

#19 Posted by avantegardener (1270 posts) -

ID: avantegardener

#20 Posted by MC_Hify (375 posts) -

ID: runcrash

#21 Posted by MonetaryDread (2403 posts) -

ID: DaneClark83

#22 Posted by Lanceuppercut (149 posts) -

ID: LanceUppercut82

#23 Posted by lazerblades (20 posts) -

ID: Lazerbladez


#24 Posted by MannyCalavera (113 posts) -

ID: DarthPacheco

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Porsche Unleashed!

ID: Vector Specter

EDIT:Sorry,it's VectorSpecter

#26 Posted by Brake (1205 posts) -

@PsychoPenguin: @Akrid: @DrJota: I was not able to find you guys.

Everybody else I added! My ID: DrBrakePhD. Anybody coming in after me, feel free to add me.

This is great. I bought this game a year ago and nobody was playing it, this is a pretty good chance to actually get into this game.

#27 Posted by Eribuster (619 posts) -

@Brake said:

@PsychoPenguin: @Akrid: @DrJota: I was not able to find you guys.

Everybody else I added! My ID: DrBrakePhD. Anybody coming in after me, feel free to add me.

This is great. I bought this game a year ago and nobody was playing it, this is a pretty good chance to actually get into this game.

Same here.

I think might be Akrid3 in Hot Pursuit. That's what it is in Battlelog for Battlefield 3 and is what I successfully put in for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

I made sure to add everyone above. There is a limit to the friend's list, sadly. I think it's about 25 or 30? You will know when you hit the limit by when you accept a friend request and it says "(blank)'s friend request is accepted."

#28 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

@Eribuster: Oh dang, you're right. Yeah, mine is Akrid3.

#29 Posted by Gnubberen (823 posts) -

Feel free to add Gnubberen

#30 Posted by mscupcakes (631 posts) -

Unsurprisingly my ID is mscupcakes .

#31 Posted by jelekeloy (469 posts) -

I'm jelekeloy!

#32 Posted by CaptainObvious (2990 posts) -

ID: Gragnatz

#33 Posted by AlexW00d (6803 posts) -

So we're gonna be playing some of this in a multiple player fashion later on. 9pm BST/4pm EST. (It is EST now right? Summer Time)

Join us in the mumble here to find out what's what, and have at least me, Akrid, Will, or Fr0y0 added in Autolog for ease of adding to game.

#34 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

ID: dennisthemennis

#35 Posted by b3a5tgamin (2 posts) -

Yay this is a awesome idea , ID:B3a5tgamin


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ID: Lobo20626 and I love chasing down speeders!!

#37 Posted by Arpit1409 (2 posts) -

Its Coolstar43 here pl add me

#38 Posted by Launch (75 posts) -

LaunchLunchbox here, got it during the christmas sale so I'm ready to race!

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