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<p> Hey, i am looking for a gaming computer dont really know how much money i can use. but i dont want to build it myself i dont have the skills or the time to do it. I live in norway so like i dont know many companys who make gaming computers but if you know a company who like deliver gaming computers to norway i wanna know. i probably want to buy one for around $1200-1500 so.. yeah but tell me a site and i want to look and also if you find a computer for around that price tell me that to. :D </p>

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I was going to suggest originpc.com who are fantastic and have amazing customer service, but I believe their rigs START at your max price. In my experience (which is somewhat limited) a good cheap gaming rig, and a good pre-built gaming rig, are completely separate concepts.

I built mine for $2000 but the exact same build from some other retailers cost $3000+

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I'm starting to consider a PC as well, as my 'next-gen' upgrade. Something to plug in to the tv. The alienware x51 looks pretty good, as it has a compact case. But I don't really know. I know I don't want to build my own.

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@smashbro221: I looked extensively at the Millenium when shopping around for my pc. While Origin is a great company, that base model for ~$1300 is kind of lacking. A single 650 gpu, a year(s?) old i5 cpu that can't be overclocked and a single 500GB drive. The RAM isn't bad and the cooling is pretty good. But my friend built his rig with a GTX 670 (way better) a better cooling system and a step or two better cpu for under a grand.

I know you said you don't want to build your own rig, and i completely understand your trepidation. I felt exactly the same way. But I cannot recommend a pre-built rig to someone on a budget. Building PC's nowadays is actually a pretty simple process. "Put the thing that looks like the other thing in that thing" is all it really boils down to. As for time, I built my rather high end rig in an evening, with no prior experience whatsoever.

Doing your research will only ever come up with recommending boutique builders to people for who money is no object.

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@squidc00kie: hmm i do want to make a computer but i have to learn it and if i found a person who could build it for me i just like buy the parts and he build it i really want to :P

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If youre that worried about building it yourself then it is best if you find someone else who knows (if you can trust them) as some parts can be expensive and if something shorts you could be out of some money very quickly.
Having said that I have built 4 different pcs, the fifth is on the way and ive only ever cared about putting shoes on to make sure im somewhat earthed and used stuff like cardboard to hold the parts until it goes in the PC.

I also would have only been able to suggest alienware as I never really look at the prebuilt stuff but my friend was adamant he was getting a brilliant deal on an x51 until i linked him a basket of the exact same (some better) stuff for £150 cheaper.

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@smashbro221: I get that. The first time I hit the power on my tower and nothing happened I about started crying. But there are a TON of "build your own rig" videos on youtube that do a really good job of getting across what you need to know.

What this all boils down to is this. "Am I willing to get a more expensive, slower/less powerful rig for the sake of my own comfort?" Both outcomes are completely valid, but you do need to come to grips with the results of either.

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@smashbro221: If he knows PC components (gamer as in a PC gamer) then im sure hes fine. I say trust as in someone you will let handle those components to put into a computer, and im sure your uncle is a pretty good option. If he cant help you have any of your friends built a pc rig? if not have a search online as @squidc00kie
said and see if its too much for you.
All you really need to know is how to earth yourself, where is the best place to put the components before they go in, how each component screws/locks in and how all the connections from the power supply connect up to each component (and as squidcookie must have found out, how the front panel connects to the motherboard).

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norway has komplett.no, its a BIG hardware store, and they have an inhouse line of prebuilt computers, so you dont have to pay for any branding.

They are big in Scandinavia in general, I've bought multiples rigs for friends through them, i pick the parts myself though...

i'd suggest something like this, just of the top of my head.


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