Looking for a gaming headset.

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Any suggestions on a gaming headset? I am looking for one to be mainly used for PC but would also like it to work for PS3/4. Also does wireless make a difference in quality of sound? I am looking to get a wireless one if I could would be a lot easier though I do not know if PS3/4 supports wireless headsets.

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Anyone suggestions?

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Since you mentioned you want it to work with the PS3/4, apparently the new PS4 "pulse" one from Sony is actually meant to be a pretty decent headset for its cost. It's gotten good reviews from places, can be used in any device and has some sort of downloadable sound settings for using it with the PS4 that lets devs customize how you'll hear the game through them. How many devs outside of the first party use that I dunno, but they might be worth looking into. I've been looking to test out a pair myself.

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@jesus_phish: do you know if it works for PC and PS3? or Just PS4

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Yeah, they're wireless. You get a USB transmitter for them and a regular audio cable so you can plug them into anything that has a headphone jack, PC, PS4 controller,PS Vita, MP3 Player, smart phone. I believe the USB transmitter works for your PS3/4 and PC.

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@jamin724: It works on all 3. Setup is just a USB dongle and then you're good to go.

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I really like my Astro A40s and the A50s are essentially the same model, but wireless, and work on the PS4. It may be a bit too pricey, though, at $300.

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@iigrayfoxii: Well I am thinking maybe for christmas or my birthday so lets say price to be safe $300 or less, really I do not need the best I figured the best would be the Astro 50 looking for a cheaper alternative if I could.

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@jamin724: I can only speak for the A40's, the first and only premium headset I have purchased. They have the A50's now, which I imagine are better, but I cannot say personally.

The A40's are fantastic, the only real drawbacks have been:

  1. Price ($250-$300)
  2. Batteries (takes 3 AAA and goes through them pretty regularly)
  3. The headphones also plug into a receiver that is pretty bulky. It can clip to your pocket or belt, but it is by no means as convenient as a fully wireless headphone.
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I really like my Astro A40s and the A50s are essentially the same model, but wireless, and work on the PS4. It may be a bit too pricey, though, at $300.

Agree with this. Really are amazing headsets. Pricey yes, but it's a one time purchase that will last you longer than your PC probably:)

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