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Hey guys and girls!

So today I moved flat, and like many people who own a Desktop PC will tell you, it's not an easy job packing up a desktop and all the peripherals that go with it let alone having to unpack and find room to put it. So I've come to the conclusion that buying a laptop is the way forward, it'd fit into my lifestyle a lot better than a desktop would, and I don't use my desktop to actually play any PC games at all now and haven't for some time.

Right now I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I should be looking for as laptop specs are like a foreign language to a guy who is used to physically picking up and buying the individual parts to build a PC.

So I'll make it easy for you guys, the budget is £600-ish, the laptop needs to last me a few years of intense usage. All suggestions welcome, even if it's to suggest any custom/configure sites to look at etc.

Thanks in advance, XOXO

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What is a flat and why did you have to move it?

And if you want a laptop with a "few years of intense usage" then you want a laptop from the line of laptops known as desktop replacements and that is a joke term since No laptop is as fast as a desktop PC with the same grade parts in it. No core i7 CPU in a laptop is as good as a desktop core I7 cpu of the same speed. same with gpus. thats why they call them Moblie versions and they have the same branding they are not the same chips, they are based of the desktop chips sometimes.



Expect something close to a desktop but is not it will be slower no matter what.

And you did not define "intense usage" my desktops render 3d graphics in 3d studio max and maya with mental ray and vray and I call that intense usage... I would not render on the most powerful laptop known to man kind too slow if you are photoshoping then one of these laptops is just fine.

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