Mass Effect

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I was wondering if I could get some help with a question I have. I am interested in possibly purchasing the first Mass Effect for computer but am unsure if it'll run. I have and Intel Core2Duo 2.80 GHz, 2.0 GB ram, and an ATI Raedon HD 3400 series. I can play games like Half Life 2, Oblivion, Fallout 3 runs(although not at its peak performance) and games like Modern warfare don't run.  
Any help would be awesome thanks!

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I am confident that it will work for you.  I played it with an Nvidia 7600 GS and a weaker processor than that.

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Cool thanks, It seems like the requirements for the video card for this game and the first Modern Warfare are similar. Although there are so many video cards I can't tell.

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@sagesebas:  If fallout 3 is playable then you should be okay, I remember that game being a resource hog.  Don't expect to max out any settings though.  Turning off shadows, AA and bumping down the resolution will give you a increase in framerate (frames per second).
Did you say that Modern Warfare DOESN'T run? I'm suprised, I always thought fallout was more of a resource hog than MW was, being all optimized and such.
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Mass Effect uses the Unreal Engine, which a lot of mid-range PC's can still run extremely well. You may have to dial off a few things like self-shadows, though, but overall it should work fine.

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Well Modern Warfare runs it just gets really choppy, I can also play the Bioshock demo at about medium which runs well. Other than the specs is it recommended? I am not sure about the Fallout 3 issue maybe I did have programs running in the background while playing Modern Warfare.

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I used that and It said I was fine, I wasn't sure if that was a really reliable website though

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Not as graphically intensive as one might assume. Most of the game takes place in corridors and other enclosed spaces. Not much going on at any given time outside of cities.

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You know I think I might get it 

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@sagesebas: It's pretty reliable, I've used it for a lot of games, and the results seems to be quite accurate.
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Cool thanks everybody

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You might have trouble maintaining to getting to 30 frames per second where you will see alot of slowdowns.

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It's always nice when you take a small risk and it turns out to be a good choice. The game runs good, and I am floored at how fun and interesting it has been so far.

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Right on man, the PC version of Mass Effect is great- hope you have fun!

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Thanks should be a blast

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@sagesebas: Have fun with this game. This game changed how I looked at video games, for the better.
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So far it has been amazing. I don't get to play to many of the newer games just cause I don't have an XBOX 360 or PS3, but from what I have played so far seems like it'll rank up in my favorite games.

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@sagesebas: The first time through Mass Effect was something of a transcendental experience for me. Be happy that they tweaked the combat a little bit on PC, because it's just about the only real sore point. 
But the overall game is so friggin godlike it's easy to look past it.
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The sequel runs better than the original, it's just programmed way better. You might want to upgrade your videocard if you can unless you're on a labtop.

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