Microphone Advice?

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So I'm considering buying a new microphone very soon. I think I want a headset mic so I get less keyboard and mouse click sounds. And up until now I've been using super cheap, breaks-in-two-months headsets, which are super cheap, break in two months and have the added bonus of sounding like total garbage with lots of background static and noise, and last year I bought a Blue Snowball which I never really liked all that much. I think it's way too quiet for me it seems. I can put it through an equalizer in post but that's not an option for live stuff, like guest appearances on streams. So it's pretty much just been a headache all the way around.

So what I'm asking is, does anybody have a microphone (preferably a headset) that they absolutely love right now? I guess I should say my budget is around 50 or 60 bucks. It's a little negotiable but that's the ball park I'm aiming for. Please and thank you guys!

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