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I have a problem with my monitor that it by default scales the image to be "bigger" than my monitor. I can fix the issue through the nvidia control panel, but as far I can see all that it does is reduce the resolution portrayed on the monitor. (the resolution is 1824*1026).

I'm using a HDMI cable and my monitor is a Benq G2420HD with a native resolution of 1080p. My gpu is asus gtx 770 2gb oc

I had the same problem on my laptop, when i connected it to my monitor using the same HDMI cable, but i solved that problem by using a vga cable instead. (a format my gpu does not support.)

So I would like to know if there is a way to solve the problem without changing the resolution?

And can using such a weird resolution cause any problem in games that may not support that resolution???

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I've had this issue when using nvidia cards and a fullhd TV as monitor but it doesn't cause problems in games, usually the weird resolution becomes one of the options when setting the display resolution in-game for fullscreen mode or you can just set as borderless window/windowed.

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@rambostyrer: Im not that experienced with hdmi, but i'd guess it is trying to run some kind of overscan or some tv crap like that.

I'd suggest you buy a DVI-D cable and use that instead.

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