Mortal Kombat GOTY coming to pc?

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Look here

it says June 14 2013... wtf? I tried looking for some info, But couldn't find any.



Just an update

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This would be very cool, but i have my doubts..

STILL...would be really really cool.



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I already bought the game twice, but yes... yes please! I really hope this sets a precedent for more fighters on the PC. That is, if this rumor is true.

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Oh god, if this came to PC I'd be so happy! I bought the $150 fight stick version for PS3, but after about a week, never played it again. I just don't like using my consoles, so if this came to PC I'd spend way too much time with it!

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Who named Mortal Kombat their Game of the Year?

@adv215 said:

I already bought the game twice,

Me too!

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Ed boon has been hinting on twitter about possible pc ports of netherrealms games so maybe.

i've got no interest in netherrealm games but a lot of fighting game players are preferring pc nowadays so it would be a clever move i think.

#7 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -

Yes please. Never got a chance to play it except a couple times at a friend's house. Would be pretty awesome with lots of AA and all that good shit.

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There's already an entry in the Steam database for it...

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Played the hell out of it on 360, but yeah, I'll buy it again for PC.

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@darthorange said:

Who named Mortal Kombat their Game of the Year?

@adv215 said:

I already bought the game twice,

Me too!

Ha same here. Bought it and then the next day saw there was a collector's edition with the fight stick on the shelf.

Mortal Kombat - The Multi-Buy Game.

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Very cool! I doubt I'd want anything to do with multiplayer against randoms but I loved the shit out of the first two games and it would be fun to see the story mode and maybe play some games against friends.

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Hell, I'd love that.

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let's just take a second here to imagine the mods........

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I am not a big Mortal Kombat fan but if this would come out on steam i would buy it and try it out after hearing so many good things about it on the podcast.

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I'd play a PC version. MK is my favorite fighting game in years, one of the reasons I'm excited for Injustice.

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Updated with more recent news. Guess it's safe now to say that IT IS going to happen.

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I might dip my toe into some more MK if it came to PC. I've got a PS3 stick and that is easy enough to hook up to my PC and get it to work. Its how I've played Super Street Fighter AE the few times I've played that.

#19 Posted by zenmastah (1027 posts) -

Im gona play this so HARD and LONG.

#20 Posted by myketuna (1778 posts) -

Hopefully it does come out on PC. No one in my regular gaming crew is comfortable enough to play SF with me (I'm not even that good, they're just unfamiliar with the game), but are down with MK. I'd love to have them over and bang some matches out during game night.

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